Poll Shows GOP Voters Want Politicians to Support Natural Marriage

From our Family Policy Council affiliates at Family Research Council:

Family Research Council (FRC) and American Values released the results of a commissioned national survey conducted by Wilson Research Strategies showing that 82 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning independents believe marriage “should be defined only as a union between one man and one woman.” 74 percent strongly agreed with this statement.

The same survey found that the voters want their elected leaders to promote this view in public policy: 75 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters disagree that “politicians should support the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples.” 67 percent strongly disagreed with this statement. 

“It’s very encouraging to see this targeted poll showing that Republican voters in the US have not lost their way or believed the oft-repeated lies about marriage.” states Julaine Appling, WFA president, “Elected officials who are running for office this year in Wisconsin and elsewhere should pay close attention. They’re concerned about their base.  Well, their base says abandoning the party’s long-held position on marriage is not smart.”

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Wisconsin – Pornography: A Wink or A Crackdown?

From the desk of Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling:

According to news reports, since January of this year, the Chinese government has been undertaking a “Cleaning the Web 2014” project, resulting in over 100 web sites and over 3300 accounts being shut down because of obscene material and over 200,000 items containing pornographic material being deleted.  Unlike in America, pornography is illegal in China.

A spokesman for one of the state agencies is reported to have said, “Disseminating pornographic information online severely harms the physical and mental health of minors and seriously corrupts social ethos.”

It’s important to note here that Communists rule China.  And some will no doubt very rightly note that this government will also shut down web sites and social media outlets that broadcast any message or belief that is contrary to the ruling Communists.  Nevertheless, this crackdown on pornography in China is noteworthy.

ImageThe Chinese government apparently recognizes that the influence of pornography in their country is harmful and does not help them advance their goals or build affinity with their ideology, wrong-headed though those goals and ideology may be.  Addictions are like that. They take over the person, making them virtually incapable of fully functioning within society as a contributing citizen, regardless of the governing or economic philosophy.

While China is shutting down porn sites, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is winking at a teacher who was caught viewing and sharing porn on a school computer on school time.

It’s been a long time in coming, but DPI late last week finally issued a ruling saying that while Andrew Harris’s behavior was “highly inappropriate for an educator,” it did not rise to the level of “immoral conduct,” as then described and defined in state law.  Harris was a junior-high teacher in the Middleton-Cross Plains school district outside Madison in 2010 when the original complaint was filed. The school board fired him.

However, the teachers’ union jumped in to help Harris in the original investigation.  An arbitrator agreed with the union and ordered the district to reinstate him with back pay.  The case worked its way through the courts with the ultimate decision being that Harris had been unfairly fired.  So this past February, Harris resumed his teaching career at another middle school in Middleton, complete with nearly $200,000 of back pay.

The one option left was for State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers to revoke Harris’s license.  That would have meant his teaching days in Wisconsin were over.  But, Dr. Evers and his cronies in DPI, said, no, they wouldn’t and couldn’t do that. Sure, Harris’s involvement with pornography isn’t good; but it’s not so bad that he should have his license revoked.


Tony Evers, Supt. of Dept. of Public Instruction

The Chinese crackdown on pornography because they recognize it hurts minors and everyone else for that matter and especially debases women.  And we can’t even get a teacher removed from a public school classroom for receiving, viewing and sharing pornography on a school computer.  That’s pathetic.

Apparently China is more willing to acknowledge the dangers of pornography than we are. The truth is pornography is a big business—very big, with the United States reaping nearly half of the multi-billion industry’s profits.  Pornography is everywhere, all too readily available.

ImageSeveral studies now report that more than half of boys and a third of girls see their first pornographic image before they turn thirteen. Pornography wrecks marriages. The American Academy of Matrimonial Law reports that 56% of divorces involve one party having “an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.”  A solid majority of college-aged young people, both men and women, say that viewing porn is an acceptable way to express one’s sexuality.

All of this is a terrible condemnation of our culture.  Andrew Harris should have been fired—and no court should have overturned the school district’s decision. Shame on the union for defending this man.  Shame on the courts for being complicit in his returning to the classroom.  The students all know why he was fired and that he got his job back.  What kind of message does that send to them? Pornography is no big deal. It won’t hurt you; it won’t cost you; it’s good. All of those are lies. Harming minor students shouldn’t be part of any school program, implicitly or explicitly.

Being shown up by China ought to embarrass us and scare us. Tragically, if pornography doesn’t embarrass or scare us, I’m quite sure we’ll just arrogantly think China is being controlling and old-fashioned.



Following “Not-So-Happy” Easter Message, CWA Wishes FFRF Shared Christian Joy

A “Not-So-Happy” Easter Message

Within 2 days of Concerned Women of America putting up an Easter display depicting the Christian celebration of Christ’s resurrection and celebrating life in the rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol, the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) put up a a counter display that proclaimed “Nobody died for our sins.” and “Jesus is a myth.”   Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren said the FFRF response is just plain “bad manners.”  Kim Simac with Concerned Women for America Wisconsin joined Fox & Friends yesterday and said while FFRF has a right to their free speech in the state capitol, she is sorry that they don’t share the joy we as Christians have as we recognize and celebrate the resurrection of our Savior.   

Watch Greta Van Susteren & Fox News video coverage HERE.  

Watch Wisconsin’s Kim Simac on Fox & Friends here.

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EASTER: Time for Strengthening Families; Teaching Next Generation About the Truth

A message from the desk of Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling:

All of life makes sense in light of what we commemorate this Friday and celebrate this Sunday.  Do your children know that?  Are you taking advantage of what this week offers to not only build and honor your family’s traditions but also to build your family’s faith?  Are you purposefully using this week to help your children share their faith?
ImageAs we pause this week to reflect on the final week of Jesus Christ’s earthly life and ministry, it’s almost overwhelming.  The events range from high celebration on Palm Sunday to agony on Good Friday to overwhelming joy on Resurrection Sunday.  Forgiveness of sin and eternal life—hope for this life and the life to come—were secured through Jesus’s finished work on Calvary and His glorious victory of death and the grave. But what do your children and grandchildren think about Easter
Here are some ideas for you to consider as you prepare to make this weekend’s commemoration unusual rich for you and your family.  The ideas aren’t unique with me.  They are readily available online.  The ones I’m including here come from Lynne Thompson and Kim Wier of Engaging Women Ministries.
For the youngest in your family, have them put one chocolate heart in a hollow plastic egg and explain that this is because Jesus came to give us a new heart toward God.  Let the children hand these eggs out to friends, neighbors and even strangers.  Some recommend putting a note inside with the chocolate with a message taken from John 14:1: “Don’t let your heart be trouble.  Believe in God; believe also in Me.—Jesus”
For those ages 4 to 7, have a neighborhood egg hunt with a twist.  Hide one empty egg, representing the empty tomb.  Whoever finds that empty egg and calls out, “He is not here! He has risen, just as He said!” receives the grand prize.  Ending the hunt with gathering all the children together and telling the Easter story tops of the event.  Be sure you define terms you might use such as crucified, disciples, resurrection.
ImageOlder children can begin experiencing the joy of giving—just as Christ gave His life for our sins.  Perhaps a visit to a hospital or nursing home or rehab center is in order. With your child’s involvement, decide on a budget to buy some Easter lilies and Easter cards.  Have the child present these to some of those who are spending Easter weekend in these facilities.  Be sure the Easter card expresses the hope we have in Jesus’ resurrection.
And I love this idea for teens.  Have a family sunrise service.  Weather permitting hold it at a park or nearby lake.  Sunrise services aren’t all that common any more.  Take a Bible, hymnbooks, maybe even a guitar.  Have the teen read the resurrection accounts from the Gospels with Mary and others’ sunrise visits to the tomb only to find it empty and then to realize that Jesus was there—alive!  Sing praises together, worship together as a family before going to church.
One tradition every family can have is inviting others to share Easter in their home.  Invite friends and neighbors to join you for church and then for your family’s Easter meal.  Spend a few minutes at the table reminding everyone why we have this special day—and reiterating that Truth in the prayer.  Make sure your guests receive special Easter cards—maybe even handmade ones.
There’s much more that you can do to build the Truth of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday into your children in particular.  Attend a Good Friday service, watch some Easter videos depicting this week of Jesus’s life.  On Saturday talk with your children about why we as Christians so look forward to celebrating Jesus’s resurrection on Sunday.  Point out that spring is about new birth, new beginnings, just as Jesus died on the cross and rose again to give us a new birth, a new beginning.  Jesus death, burial and resurrection makes
Strong families are made—on purpose.  Strong families use every opportunity to teach the next generation the Truth about Jesus Christ and His great love and sacrifice on behalf of sinful man.  Strong families seek to show by example that Christianity is real, that it is about Jesus and others.  I trust you will endeavor this week to purposefully strengthen your family by making sure they know, regardless of their ages, that all of life makes sense in light of what we celebrate this coming Friday and Sunday.

Good News for Weary Souls…? We Found It!

From the desk of WFA president Julaine Appling:

“Where’s the good news? I need some good news,” I lamented to our staff recently.  Given the way our culture and our government are going these days, we typically don’t lack for bad news—news that is accurate and necessary but that is often just hard to hear, especially when it’s a steady diet of it. So today’s commentary is devoted exclusively to good news, and I sincerely hope it encourages you.

Let’s start with some kudos for New York Mets second baseman, Daniel Murphy, who opted to miss the first two games of the new season rather than miss being with his wife at the birth of their first child.  The couple’s son, Noah, was born via C-section on Monday. This surgical procedure requires a bit longer recovery. Mr. Murphy said, “My wife and I discussed it, and we felt the best thing for our family was for me to try to stay for an extra day—that being Wednesday.”  He was back in the lineup for Thursday’s game.

Now, Mr. Murphy took some hits from some of the self-professed sports pundits.  One sports announcer said Mr. Murphy is rich and “could have like twenty nannies taking care of his tired wife….”   In limited response to his critics, Mr. Murphy stood by his decision of putting his family before his job.  That shouldn’t even be a question.

ImageKudos on this one also go to Major League Baseball for giving the players three days off for paternity leave.  It’s never wrong to put family over profession.  Years from now, Mr. Murphy will be able to tell Noah how special his birth was—that he was right there as he made his entrance.  To a child, that story will eventually be way more important than hearing about the stats from the baseball career—and that’s because this story will be about him.  Mr. Murphy will also never have regrets about being there for his wife and this once-in-a-lifetime event.  Had he missed it, he’d likely have regrets for his entire lifetime.

Our second piece of good news is the story about the obstetrician Dr. Bob Sansonetti, who practices in Maine.  About four years ago, Dr. Sansonetti bought a book he says he thought his teenage children would enjoy.  The book was about a man who set out to knit 50 unique hats for his friends.  It came complete with instructions.

ImageThe good doctor took the challenge and knitted a hat. It ended up being pretty small; but as he looked at it, he thought it was about the right size for newborns.  He tried it out, and it worked great!  Now he knits a hat for each baby he delivers—and it comes complete with a tag on it that says, “Baby Beanie by Dr. Bob.”  The adorable, one-of-a-kind hats keep the tiny infants warm and warm the hearts of the parents who enjoy the personal touch from a doctor who enters into their joy in a special way.

The final good-news story is about a young woman who was originally from Green Bay.  Jackie Stollfus now lives in Texas but she was just 21and in college when she started having severely swollen and sore ankles and other symptoms over a spring break.  The diagnosis wasn’t what she wanted to hear.  She had lupus, an autoimmune disease.

This young woman tried numerous treatments; nothing worked.  In the meantime, she married.  At their wits’ end, Jackie and her husband Brian decided to take the recommendation of her rheumatologist and check with Dr. Richard Burt at the Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago. Dr. Burt was doing some amazing work using adult stem cells to treat autoimmune diseases.

Jackie was eventually accepted into Dr. Burt’s program.  Her bad white blood cells were destroyed and her own harvested stem cells were put back in, creating a brand new immune system. In about six months, Jackie turned the corner. She regained her appetite and strength, went from enjoying short walks to now 5 years later hiking with her husband and living a full and rich life.

Many women who have lupus cannot get pregnant.  Jackie knew that. However, Dr. Burt told her that her body now doesn’t even know she has Lupus. With that encouragement, Jackie is looking forward to one day fulfilling another of her life’s dreams—becoming a mom.  Chalk up yet another wonderful victory for adult stem cell therapies, treatments and cures, proving yet again that we don’t have to destroy life to save life.

The Bible tells us that good news from a far country does for a thirsty soul what a cold drink does for a thirsty person.  I hope your soul is refreshed and encouraged by these good news stories.


WI Senate Republicans Kill “Choose Life” Bill; Choose Life Wisconsin Inc. Prepares Lawsuit

deniedAfter months of hard work, passionate lobbying at the State Capitol, and many phone calls and emails from grassroots pro-lifers, Wisconsin Family Action is extremely disappointed to report that the “Choose Life” Wisconsin license plate bill (AB 206) did not pass. Senate Republican leadership refused to schedule the bill for a final vote on the last day of session, effectively killing it.

But this isn’t over yet. Choose Life Wisconsin, Inc. has made public its intention to take the “Choose Life” plate to the courts, with the goal of compelling the Wisconsin Legislature and Governor Walker to make AB 206 law. The lawsuit is based on the fact that the legislature previously approved a similar women’s health license plate, and it would therefore be unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination to exclude pro-choice, pro-life, or any other viewpoint about women’s health from the specialty license plate program.

To read the attorney’s letter to Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and the rest of the Wisconsin State Senate, click here. To read Choose Life Wisconsin’s testimony in favor of the plate, click here.


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