Feingold pushed to overturn DOMA

This is hardly a suprise–but it’s well worth noting.

The WashingtonBlade.com reported late last week that Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold (D) is being lobbied by representatives from the homosexual advocacy group Human Rights Campaign (HRC).  HRC sees Feingold as the best and most likely candidate to author legislation that will overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  DOMA prevents the federal government from recognizing marriage as anything other than one man and one woman.

“Right now, I think Sen. Feingold is the senator that has been … liaising most with us and the House people,” she [Allison Herwitt of HRC] said.

Feingold is an attractive ally to introduce a DOMA repeal bill because he chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Constitution Subcommittee, which hold [sic] jurisdiction over DOMA, she said.”  (More…)

Just the distinction Wisconsin needs–having one of our senators lead the charge to pave the way for a national redefinition of marriage.  Feingold is up for election in 2010.

Wisconsin Family Action has a petition urging Feingold to listen to his constituents and not this liberal special interest group.