Selling Out Independence of Single Women; Creating a Boogeyman for a Vote

Today’s op ed published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, by Julaine Appling, Wisconsin Family Action president:

“By now, we are all painfully familiar with the refrain “war on women” from those on the left. Contrary to what they want us to think, liberal progressives are actually the ones waging a war on women with policies bent on making women — particularly single women — dependent on government. You may be surprised by the brilliance of their agenda.

Single-MomsConsider the liberal policy of excessive business regulations. It is not easy for anyone to raise the capital necessary to start a new venture, but it can be especially difficult for women for a number of reasons. When legislators pile regulatory policies on start-ups, they raise the cost of doing business, make compliance and reporting a nightmare and limit profitability for women trying to pursue the dream of owning their own company.

Then consider the high taxes that diminish the family’s bottom line, often eliminating the option for women who want to stay home with their children. Instead, to make family ends meet, moms often are compelled to go into the workforce — at least part time — which frequently puts a strain on their families and marriages.

Wisconsin Family Action has done a rather detailed analysis — to be published soon — of government benefits for single mothers compared to married mothers, and by our cautious calculations, the state and federal governments pay working single moms in Wisconsin approximately $31,000 per year to not marry the working father of their children. From an economic standpoint, government encourages single moms to remain single and incredibly dependent on government welfare, which, incidentally, could change at any time, significantly affecting their monthly income. Policies that essentially pay single moms to remain single condemn women and children to poverty rather than help them become strong and independent.

regret abortion2Liberals are adamant that unregulated, taxpayer-funded, elective abortions at any time during pregnancy is a woman’s right. Yet abortion comes with great risk to a woman and is sometimes accompanied by years of physical, psychological and emotional issues. Keeping a minor girl’s reproductive health information from her parents is dangerous — even medically — for the girl. Opposing parental consent for a minor girl to have an abortion leaves girls at the mercy of abortion clinic staff.

Fighting efforts to have women get an ultrasound prior to an abortion limits information and choice for women. Perhaps most ironically, actively working to make women dependent on government for abortion and contraception effectively puts women’s so-called reproduction rights at the mercy of the appropriations power of the legislature. These policies are the real war on women, yet liberals have vigorously and aggressively supported these policies over the years.

Conservative policies, on the other hand, respect individual liberty — for men and women — and encourage entrepreneurship, job creating, saving, wealth creation and pro-family, pro-life initiatives. Why then accuse conservatives of waging a war on women?

It is really no secret. Liberals desperately want the significant voting bloc of single women in America who lean Democratic. It is a large but sometimes inactive voting bloc, which means liberals need to create a boogeyman for single women in order to galvanize their vote, particularly in an off-year election. Thus we end up with the ominous, but wrongly-attributed, war on women rhetoric from Democrats.

There is a real war being waged on women, but it is in fact the work of liberals who want to make women dependent on government and who are willing to sell out the independence of our women for the price of a vote.

Julaine Appling is president of Wisconsin Family Action, a statewide organization dedicated to strengthening, preserving and promoting marriage, family, life and liberty in Wisconsin.”


Religious Freedom Goes Before SCOTUS; Sebelius v Hobby Lobby

 Religious freedom is under attack like never before. 

“The freedom of religion is the ability to live your life according to the religious teachings of your choice. However, President Obama has repeatedly expressed his support for the freedom of worship, not the freedom of religion. His HHS mandate is a byproduct of his truncated view of religious liberty and the First Amendment.” – Tony Perkins, Family Research Council president

ImageOn Tuesday, March 25, the Supreme Court of the United States will be hearing two very important cases; both are challenging the HHS regulations coming from Obamacare concerning the mandate that employers provide coverage for services to which they are morally opposed (abortion-causing drugs, sterilization, contraception).

Read Sebelius v Hobby Lobby HERE.
Read Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp v Sebelius HERE

The future of religious freedom is at stake.

>>>>>Read more HERE
>>>>>Click HERE to listen to WFA president Julaine Appling discuss this very important issue as she hosts WVCY’s weekly radio program Home Front.


  • Pray for a favorable outcome of the challenges to the HHS regulations.
  • Pray for the future of religious freedom in America.
  • Pray for both Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties and their attorneys as they stand on biblical principles and fight for religious liberty in two very important cases that affect us all.
  • Show your support for their courageous stand by joining and sharing #HobbyLobbyDay!

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The Power of Deception; Ousting God in America

“Everyone knows that race and gender are social constructs.”  That’s what I was told recently in a discussion involving whether or not it should be legal in Wisconsin for same-sex couples to adopt children.  Following that statement was one indicating that people who didn’t believe that were intellectually deficient.  
ImageAfter I was told I wasn’t very bright, I was told that physiology had nothing to do with parenting.  That reducing parenting to genitalia was, well, stupid.  Of course, I had not reduced parenting simply to body parts. Rather, I had made statements such as “the magic in parenting and child-rearing isn’t the number two but rather the complementarity the genders—male and female—bring to the effort”; and “no matter how hard two women try, they cannot be a dad to a child; and no matter how hard two men try, they cannot be a mom to a child.” Simply put, this discussion was a powerful reminder about the power of deception. 
People who refuse to accept the authority of Scripture are easy prey for any lie and any perversion.  There really is no stopping point—even to the point of people creating alternate realities in which they try to live.  Doing so forces them to deny the obvious, to reject the real world and the very real people that God has created.
How does the rejection of Scripture happen at a cultural level? The denial of the Bible as a legitimate authority in our society is no longer relegated to ivory towers on college campuses; it is now becoming alarmingly and dangerously pervasive.
It takes time for such a cultural shift to happen—and I’m quite sure there is no hard and fast beginning date.   Perhaps we can go to 1925 when the now infamous Scopes trial took place in Tennessee, where the teaching of evolution in that state’s public schools was deemed illegal and was challenged by the ACLU in a set-up lawsuit.  While the Tennessee Supreme Court ultimately upheld the law that the state legislature had passed, the trial highlighted the growing controversy over the authority of the Bible on origins.  This issue culminated in 1968 when the US Supreme Court ruled that laws such as Tennessee’s were unconstitutional because their primary purpose was religious.
ImagePerhaps it dates to the early 1960s, when the US Supreme Court ruled in landmark cases that “school-sponsored” Bible reading and prayer were unconstitutional. Moving forward, many schools also stopped displaying the Ten Commandments.
The decade of the 1960s tested much of the Judeo-Christian underpinnings of our nation.  With the presence of the Bible and its teachings less prevalent, less obvious, especially in our schools where students were under compulsory attendance laws 6-7 hours a day, more and more students began to question what they were hearing at home and in their churches.  College professors were growing bolder; new teachers came to public school classrooms filled with “make love; not war” and “anti-establishment” ideas emblazoned in their thinking.
Soon divorce became as easy as declaring one’s unhappiness and walking away.  The family unit began fracturing. 
The family, throughout history, has been the main means of the generational transmission of Christianity, the main way the Bible has been read and taught to the next generation.  When that family unit breaks down and life becomes much harder to do as a single parent, much of this transmission goes away.  And when very little to nothing of the Truth of Scripture is taught in the schools the kids attend, when the Bible and Christianity are mocked in the media and entertainment worlds, the influence of the authority of God’s Word becomes lost in a society.  Frankly, it becomes irrelevant, a joke, a myth believed only by those whose intellect is weak, and those who do believe it are targeted as hateful and bigoted.
Once you deny a Creator, it’s really not such a big leap to denying that there is distinctly male and female and that these two genders are solely responsible for the propagation of and care for the next generation of humans.  A fabricated, unreal world that sees both humans and all of the universe as being in the image and mind of man replaces the simple but profound truth expressed as “In the beginning God” and “in the image of God.”

Recognizing the Real War on Women – the War on Everyone

From the desk of Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling:

I agree.  There is a war on women.  But it’s not being waged by conservatives who are trying to pass pro-life legislation. The very real war on women is being waged by liberals and progressives with policies that harm women.

ImageFor starters, let’s talk about the excessive regulations on businesses that liberal progressives love. Such policies send a clear signal to women in general—we don’t want you starting a new business.  It’s not easy for anyone to raise the capital necessary to start a new venture, but it can be especially hard for women.   When regulatory policies heap on, they raise the cost of doing business, make compliance and reporting a nightmare, and basically make it impossible for women to pursue their dream of owning their own company. This is the real war on women.

And what about high taxes that liberal progressives keep wanting to raise even higher? Raising taxes takes away from many women the option of staying home with their children if they want to.  To make family ends meet, they are often compelled to go into the workforce—at least part-time, requiring finding care for their children, adding additional responsibilities to their already very busy schedules and often putting a strain on their marriage.  This is the real war on women.

ImageAnd how about the constant encouragement to have children out of wedlock? By paying women between more than $35,000 per year to not marry the father of their children, liberals are keeping women dependent on government, which in a very real sense enslaves them.  Government knows, as do the rest of us, that the fastest way to put a woman in poverty is for her to either divorce or have a baby and not be married.  Policies that pay women to not marry before having children condemn women to poverty rather than helping them become strong and independent.  This is the real war on women.

What about wanton spending, spiraling debt, a poor business climate in general that liberals seem bent on maintaining?  These conditions, aggravated by policies that ensure more of the same, make it harder than usual for men to get a job—or keep a job—that pays a wage that will support a family.  Unemployment creates little to no incentive for men to get out and look for a job.  Unemployed men are not very attractive to women.  Is government’s plan to make sure women don’t get married?  Is this another way to keep women dependent on the state, wards of welfare, slaves to the system?  This is the real war on women.

ImageAnd finally, let’s talk about how liberals encourage women to kill their preborn babies.  The ongoing push to encourage women to get rid of “inconvenient” pregnancies by aborting their babies must mean government really doesn’t care about women’s health.  Abortion comes with great risk to a woman—sometimes with years of guilt, psychological and emotional issues—and sometimes with real physical complications.  Turning a blind eye and deaf ear to minor girls who have become pregnant by an adult male is more than a little risky for the minor girl.  Resisting laws that require parental consent before a minor girl has an abortion sends the message that the girl just isn’t important. She’s just a commodity—something to be used and discarded.

Telling a woman who is pregnant that what she is carrying is just a blob of tissue, the product of conception, or a clump of cells is insulting and demeaning.   Fighting efforts to have women get an ultrasound prior to an abortion is also insulting and demeaning.  Defending sex-selection abortion, especially when more girl babies are aborted because of sex than boys, is about as dehumanizing as you can get.  And what about fighting against a law that outlaws so-called “telemed” abortions, where a doctor prescribes a potent medication that will create a chemical abortion—via Skype—without ever examining the woman?  I declare that all of these are the real, the very dastardly war on women.

Yes, there is a war on women; and it is coming from those who have no real sense of the greatness and uniqueness of this country, no understanding of and respect for the value of and sanctity of human life, no appreciation for what it means to be independent and self-governing.  Those who are ready to sell out America are more than willing to also sell our beautiful, talented, giving, creative women to the lowest bidder.

Fortunately, the entire history of America has not yet been written.  We have opportunities to turn this thing around, to head in a better direction.   It will take all of us doing our part and recognizing the real war on women—and recognizing it for what it is…a war on everyone, on everything that makes this country great. 

WFA testimony to WI Senate Committee on Education in support of SB 619

ImageYesterday, Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, testified in favor of SB 619 before the Senate Committee on Education.  Read the full testimony below:

Testimony in Support of Senate Bill 619

Senate Committee on Education

Julaine K. Appling, WFA President

March 6, 2014

“Thank you, Chairman Olsen and committee members, for the opportunity to testify today in support of Senate Bill 619. I am Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, an organization dedicated to strengthening, preserving and promoting marriage, family, life and liberty in The Badger state. Helping to ensure that parents have strong educational options and opportunities to be involved in the policies impacting the schools their children attend is extremely important to us.

We want to thank Senator Vukmir for introducing this bill that addresses some issues important to education and academic standards in our state.

It is reasonable and appropriate to assume that all of us want the students in Wisconsin’s public schools to receive the best education possible and expect them to meet high standards in knowledge and skills. That’s what we are here to discuss today. However, I submit that we can have the very best standards anyone can create, and we can have excellent teachers in our schools and we will still likely be disappointed in our rate of success. Fundamentally, we are dealing with a problem that is beyond the ability of standards and educators to fix and that is the breakdown of the family unit. As more and more students come from broken or dysfunctional homes, we will find it increasingly difficult to move these students to acceptable, let alone exceptional, academic performance. If state government is really interested in improving the academic performance and readiness of students, then at some point it must address strengthening families in a variety of ways.

That said, we find this particular bill to be a good step in establishing a clear process by which state academic standards are developed and adopted in Wisconsin. Heretofore, we have had no established process, at least not at the legislative level. Whatever process we have had has resided exclusively within the Department of Public Instruction.

To summarize, the positives we see in this bill are as follows:
1. It establishes a clear process for the development and adoption of state academic standards.
2. It ensures more involvement by Wisconsin stakeholders.
3. It involves more than DPI in the appointment of people to the advisory board.
4. It brings the process more into the light of day.
5. It requires opportunity for public input on the adoption of state academic standards by requiring three public hearings at various steps in the process and before different bodies.
6. It requires an appropriate measure of legislative oversight.
7. It ensures school districts retain discretion in curriculum choices and adoption.
8. It establishes a systematic review of and potential revision of state academic standards.
9. It ensures new model academic standards in English, reading and language arts and mathematics are proposed per the process within one year of the bill’s enactment.
10. It emphasizes that all interested parties should be able to clearly discern that the standards are setting high standards.
11. It retains local control in that it makes no change to the current law that clearly does not require any school district to adopt the state model academic standards but does require all school districts to adopt standards.

Also, we are pleased that this bill addresses both of the concerns we have with and recommendations we made regarding AB 617, related to who appoints advisory committee members and the amount of time before the current standards in math and English were reviewed.

We do have one concern with SB 619 and that involves the literacy standards that Dr. Evers and DPI also unilaterally adopted for all of Wisconsin. These literacy standards for English and math are incorporated in the academic standards, but DPI also has adopted “Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects” which fall under the Common Core State Standards umbrella. I believe the author, co-sponsors and this committee should look at potentially amending this bill to include these standards in the review, development and adoption process proscribed in this legislation.”

Religious liberty in America about to become a figment of our imagination?

From the desk of Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling:

“Believers will always be strangers in a strange land – the question is how much freedom they will have to follow that belief in that land as they become all the more out of sync with the times, and how much we will deploy government to compel them to violate that belief. And that’s one more reason why the culture wars are just getting started.”

That’s what Ben Domenech wrote in an online publication just one day after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed that state’s recently passed religious freedom bill.

ImageI’ve been shouting the same thing from the rooftops here in Wisconsin for almost two decades. Religious liberty is being seriously threatened in the United States of America, in spite of the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Few seem to understand that or if they do understand it, they don’t seem to care.

So what did happen in Arizona last week?  In the wake of the federal level Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Arizona had in 1999 adopted a state version of this federal law.  The bill introduced last month in Arizona was giving just minimal tweaks to the state’s existing language. Legal scholars tell us that SB 1062 “provided a) that RFRA protects corporations just the same as natural persons, b) that RFRA can be used as a defense in court against a suit by a private citizen, and c) that RFRA claims can be brought not just against the state government, but against all municipalities and “state actors” in Arizona.”

These tweaks are necessary in the wake of state supreme court decisions like the one this past summer in New Mexico. Elane Photography declined to do the pictures for a same-sex commitment ceremony and was sued and lost partly because the state claimed the owners of Elane Photography were being sued by private citizens and not the state and the New Mexico Religious Freedom Restoration Act applied only if the state brought the lawsuit.  Proponents of the bill were just trying to make sure the state’s business community and private citizens had a fair chance in court.

ImageSB 1062 didn’t do any, not one, of the things opponents were alleging.  That was all emotion, hype, and lies—all designed to do exactly what they wanted and accomplished—kill the bill.  It was messaging on a mission; destroy the credibility of the people promoting the bill. Paint them negatively; accuse them of hate and bigotry; invoke racial overtones with accusations of re-instating Jim Crow laws against homosexuals and more.  Since the opponents owned the media, it worked. Reason and reality were trampled while people from all walks of life, from both ends of the political spectrum, weighed in—almost all of them without having read the bill or at least understanding it.  Zeal without knowledge—a dangerous combination.

Here’s what Attorney Brandon McGinley, writing in the wake of all this said about this bill and the near hysteria that resulted: … the fact of the matter is, if SB 1062 was unacceptable, then no substantive religious liberty protections will ever be acceptable.

That ought to get your attention.  Mr. McGinley and Mr. Domenech are both saying, religious liberty in America is about to become a figment of our imagination.

By now you should be asking as a Wisconsin citizen what protection do you have here should you be sued for denying a service to a customer?  I would say, we don’t really know. We do have a strong religious freedom statement in our state constitution in Article I, Section 18, which states, the right of every person to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of conscience shall never be infringed.”  But we also have a Human Rights Protection Act similar to that of New Mexico’s that hung Elane Photography. We’ve not had the same kind of legal challenges here—yet—that have happened and are happening in New Mexico, Colorado, Vermont, Oregon and other states.  The courts would tell us how much religious freedom we have depending on the courts’ interpretation of the State Constitution, the US Constitution and any pertinent case law.  That ought to be enough to scare you right there.

Religious freedom is no trifling matter. It’s important; it’s what our country was founded on and for.  Yes, Believers will always be strangers in a strange land, but that doesn’t mean we don’t engage in the culture wars.  Too much is at stake not to.


WI Governor Issues Statement on New Marijuana Legalization; WFA President Responds

ImageWisconsin state representative Melissa Sargent (D-Madison, photo, left) has introduced LRB 3671, a bill that legalizes marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, citing it as “good for Wisconsin citizens” and provides “additional revenue for the state.”

Governor Scott Walker (R) has not shut down the idea entirely and, in fact, indicated that he doesn’t see any movement for it “right now.”

WFA president Julaine Appling says the Governor’s statement raises some red flags, “Governors talking about an addictive, gateway drug such as marijuana in terms of how much sales tax revenue is or could be generated by legalizing the sale of it, alarms me.  As with gambling, any economic gain that comes at the expense of potentially ruined lives is at best a double-edged sword.  Ruined lives generally end up costing taxpayers a great deal of money.

>>>>>read more HERE

Planned Parent selling…….Baby Onesies?

                    Care – No Matter What.

Seems ironic that the nation’s abortion icon, Planned Parenthood, should be selling, of all things, baby onesies with the above slogan.  Since only 8 out of 100 unborn babies make it out of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities alive, we doubt the sales will skyrocket any time soon.  If anything, this latest money grab attempt appears to be more like a major marketing faux pas.

Wisconsin Attorney General Defends State Constitution

This week, United States Attorney General Eric Holder (D) made a statement indicating he doesn’t think attorneys general in states that have laws, from his perspective, banning homosexual “marriage” should feel obligated to defend them.  Wisconsin’s Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen (R) (photo, left) disagrees: “It really isn’t his job to give us advice on defending our constitutions any more than it’s our role to give him advice on how to do his job.”  Van Hollen further stated, “We are the ultimate defenders of our state’s constitutions.”

Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling says Van Hollen is right, “I suppose we should be used to this current administration in Washington telling the states what they will, must or at least should do.  However, Attorney General Holder’s remarks show a whole new disregard for the rule of law and states’ rights.  Fortunately, we have a state attorney general who understands his job of defending our constitution.”

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National Pundit Scoffs AZ Religious Freedom Bill as “Abomination”

American political pundit and columnist, Kirsten Powers, has taken aim at the latest state to propose a bill that protects religious liberty.  According to our friends at The Foundry, the Arizona bill SB1062 is an amendment to the 1999 state Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that “protects all citizens and the associations they form from undue burdens by the government on their religious liberty or from private lawsuits that would have the same result.” Powers recently wrote a column that she purposefully and erroneously titled “Arizona Latest to Attack Gay Rights,” calling SB1062 “an abomination of a bill.”

>>>>>read more HERE

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Late yesterday evening, AZ Governor Jan Brewer (R) vetoed SB 1062. ClicHERE to read Cathi Herrod’s, president of Center for Arizona Policy, statement on this veto.  Cathi (pictured left) and the state family policy council that she leads in AZ were strong proponents of this bill to protect individual liberties.




Family_Research_Council_Logo“This measure should have been a political no-brainer but only went down because people either chose to ignore the plain language of the bill or refused to read it altogether. Apparently, they’re graduates of the Pelosi School of Policy, where they dispose of bills before they find out what’s in them.

This bill like the federal RFRA, bars government discrimination against religious exercise, so by vetoing this bill Gov. Brewer is saying she supports government discrimination against people’s religious freedoms.

Under the amended Religious Freedom Restoration Act, what was legislative intent (but ignored by certain courts) would have been clear: individuals do not have to trade their religious freedom for entrance into public commerce. In other words, whether it’s a wedding vendor, whose orthodox Christian faith will not allow her to affirm same-sex ‘marriage,’ or a business like Hobby Lobby or Conestoga Wood, whose faith bars them from providing drugs that have the potential to end a pregnancy, the provisions of RFRA would apply.

Unfortunately, at a moment of testing, Governor Jan Brewer yielded to the cultural bullies and their frenzy-driven opposition instead of consulting the facts,” concluded Perkins.”