WFA President Hopes Supt. Evers Heeds Governor’s Admonition in Middleton Teacher Case

ImageA Middleton teacher was reinstated to the classroom (with back pay) after being charged with viewing and sharing porn on classroom computers.  Parents spoke up loudly and clearly against this action by their local school district.  In response, Governor Walker has sent a strong letter to the Superintendent of Schools Tony Evers requesting the revocation of this teacher’s license.

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Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling agrees with Governor Walker’s decision, “This is another of those situations that should alarm and incense parents with children in Wisconsin’s public schools. I certainly hope Superintendent Evers heeds the Governor’s admonition and revokes this teacher’s license. In this week where we are recognizing school choice, I want to encourage every parent to explore the numerous educational options we have in The Badger State.”

Wisconsin Open Enrollment: The “Other” School Choice

Open enrollment allows parents to send their children to public schools other than those within their local school district.  Wisconsin’s public school open enrollment application period:
Begins at midnight on Monday, February 3, 2014.
Ends on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.

For a list of virtual Charter Schools in Wisconsin, click HERE.
If you’d like more information on Wisconsin’s Charter Schools, clickHERE.

>>>>>For more information on open enrollment, click HERE.

If you’d like an on-line application to open enroll your child, click HERE.  You may obtain a hard copy of an application and other Open Enrollment forms (e.g., Tuition Waver, Special Education Tuition, Request for Student Records), by clicking HERE.

Common Core in Wisconsin: Taking Responsibility

From the desk of Julaine Appling, Wisconsin Family Action president:

ImageWhen the issue of Common Core State Standards came to the surface a year or so ago, like many other Wisconsin citizens, I wondered how it had happened that state academic standards had been adopted and basically no one knew about it.
However, the more we looked into the Common Core State Standards issue, the more I came to realize the reason this happened and no one was aware is that almost universally we do not pay attention to local government.  We just don’t, especially not school boards.  People tend to think local government is bland, unexciting and kind of takes care of itself.  That’s wrong! They think the big evils and most exciting areas are, in this order, federal government and then state government.  
To be blunt, the more remote the level of government, the less impact and influence we have as individual citizens.  The closer the level of government, the greater our impact and influence—of course, that assumes we are informed and actually involved.
ImageI’ve talked to a lot of people about Common Core State Standards in this state. Most of them are furious at Tony Evers as State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  They’re furious at the entire Department of Public Instruction, and the state legislature.  They are demanding swift and sweeping action, and quite honestly I’m not sure they are going to get what they want.  
What I do know is if all of us took an interest in our school boards and the people we elect to represent us on those school boards much of the furor over Common Core State Standards would have likely been avoided.
What many Wisconsin citizens do not know is that the state law requires that every school district in this state must adopt academic standards, but the law does not stipulate which standards a district adopts.  That’s all about local control.  Not one of our 426 Wisconsin school districts was forced to adopt Common Core State Standards, even though Tony Evers adopted them at the state level.
Having served on a Wisconsin school board for five years, I can say with authority that any standards considered by any school district must be approved by the school board.  Had citizens been engaged with their elected members of their school boards, they would have known that the districts were in the process of adopting new academic standards.  They could have attended curriculum committee meetings, meetings of the full school board, made calls to individual school board members, met with the district superintendent, and organized their community to action—all at the local level.  I can almost guarantee you that we would be in a different situation right now regarding Common Core State Standards in many school districts across the state had that happened.  
ImageSo, what can you do to change this situation?  School boards and all local government offices are elected in the spring.  The deadline for filing to run for these offices in 2014 is Monday, January 6, 2014.  Perhaps you are qualified to run for a seat on your school board.  Or perhaps you know someone who is qualified to run.  Look, if we want different outcomes from our government—at all levels—we have to get different people elected, people whose worldviews, belief systems, and values are more like ours.  Until and unless we do, we are going to get more of the same.  You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.  
I’ve said for years, we need to recruit out of the pews of our churches.  If we can’t find qualified and willing candidates for school boards, city councils, town and village boards, and county boards out of our churches, then where, pray tell, will we find them?  It’s time, in fact it’s past time, that we figure this out.  At a minimum, you need to make up your mind that you will be a committee of one, if it comes to that, to read school board minutes, go to the meetings, get acquainted with school board members and district administrators, and then recruit others to join you.  
We’re too often directing our frustration at the wrong place and at the wrong time when it comes to government. This Common Core State Standards issue is a perfect example of that.  We missed a golden opportunity to really exercise local control.  Look, you are a taxpayer, a citizen, a Christian.  You have a responsibility to be involved. Do it. Don’t wait for someone else.  You be the one.  When we individually do this, we will become true difference makers right where we live.  Until then, others will make a difference—and we probably won’t like the difference they are making.

WFA Recommendations Considered at WI Common Core “Wrap Up” Meeting at Capitol

The Assembly portion of the Select Committee held a “wrap up” meeting this week on Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) in Wisconsin following numerous public input sessions across the Badger state. Julaine Appling, Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) president, gives a short update and explains the recommendations offered by WFA that appear to be receiving strong consideration by the Committee.

WARNING: “Safe Schools” grant for WI not so “safe” for WI families/children

dpiThe Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issued a press release on October 14, 2013 announcing they had been awarded an $8.7 million “Safe Schools” grant.

Page 2 of the news release states:

“Based on identified needs, schools might implement alcohol and drug abuse prevention or anti-bullying programs to serve students, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth, who have in past research indicated higher rates of feeling unsafe at school.”

Symbol of so-called "safe space" for homosexual children

Symbol of so-called “safe space” for homosexual children used in public schools across the nation.

While the Wisconsin DPI announcement notes that the program will be used to increase overall health of students, Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling feels otherwise, Of course, all students should be safe at school; however, the “feelings” of students should not be the basis for determining if someone is being bullied.  We’ve known for years that virtually all of the anti-bullying programs have been spearheaded by homosexual activists and sympathizers.  The type of program this grant is promoting will likely be used to shut down any expression of disagreement with homosexuality.”

A recent study from the University of Texas indicates that anti-bullying programs have shown youth are more likely to be bullied after instituting such programs.

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Implementation of the “Safe Schools-Healthy Students” program will be piloted in three Wisconsin school districts (click on links for contact information):

Parents should consider this a heads’ up.  


  1. Be engaged with your school board members.  Express your concerns about the implementation of anti-bullying programs.  Share the study from the University of Texas.
  2. Know where School District monies from the program are being spent.
  3. Be aware of what is taking place in the schools within your district.  Check your local school district’s website.
  4. Parents, talk to your children.  Know what they are seeing, hearing and learning on a day-to-day basis.

HELP IS ON THE WAY! “Faith, Freedom, and Public Schools”


 “Faith, Freedom & Public Schools”

For Christian EDUCATORS teaching in WI’s public schools…

A powerful presentation by Eric Buehrer, founder and president of Gateways to Better Education

Saturday, October 5, 2013
9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Copper Rock Coffee Company
Appleton, WI

Evening session for parents & teens!
7:00 p.m.
Calvary Bible Church
Neenah, WI

Attention Christians teaching in Wisconsin public schools
You don’t want to miss this exclusive seminar, designed just for you! Learn how to confidently teach about Judeo-Christian history, culture and values across the curriculum.

If you know a Christian teacher in Wisconsin public schools, pass this email on to them and encourage them to attend this “liberating” seminar!

Attention Pastors! 
Encourage those in your church who teach in Wisconsin public schools to attend this event. Help them understand the 4 key principles to move from fear to freedom in their classrooms.

Click HERE to watch a brief (3:22 mins.) video with teachers from around the country who have attended this seminar. Listen to what they have to say about “Faith, Freedom & Public Schools”.and the “liberating” it brought them.Click HERE for more information and click HERE to register for this important event! Space is limited; registrations taken and filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t take a chance. Don’t wait. Sign up today and invite a friend to join you!Attention parents!  The evening session is for you and your teens (younger students are welcome but the material is not geared to them).  Attend this free presentation (free-will offering will be taken) to learn how you can legally and appropriately impact your school and how you can help your children avoid some of the pitfalls that accompany going to a public school today.

THE LIE “America is just a capitalistic, imperialistic bully.” At a Public School Near You?

Looking back, my childhood was almost idyllic. I spent my first 12 years in Atlanta and the rest of my growing up years in Michigan.  I had loving parents who were married to each other.  I never knew poverty.  I lived in a great neighborhood with lots of kids and everyone knew each other.  Mom didn’t work outside the home, but she sure worked hard in it. We ate family meals together more often than not.  I went to a Bible-preaching church pretty much anytime the doors were open.
ImageSchool time came.  I went to the local public school; Christian schools and home schooling weren’t even in anyone’s vocabulary.  Mom and Dad chose where they would live, both in Georgia and Michigan, based on the public school system.  We prayed in our schools—every morning.  We pledged the flag—all of us—no one stayed seated.  We even read from the Bible—every morning.  We were taught a love for America.  We were taught America represented freedom, hope and opportunity for all of us and for those “huddled masses yearning to be free” from all over the world. For the most part, I loved school and felt very secure there—until the day came when we had an announcement over the PA telling us we would be having a special drill—in case of a missile attack.  “A what?  From where?”  I wondered as I took cover under my desk.
Mom picked me up from school that day and on the way home talked to me as an elementary student about Cuba, Castro, Kruschev, the Soviet Union, Communism and the Cold War.  It was the first time I felt unsafe in my home and my school.  In a sense, some of the innocence of my childhood was gone.
From my perspective, nothing could destroy America—especially not a madman on a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea, or some man whose name I couldn’t even pronounce living on the other side of the world.  And, we did avert those external threats and crises then.
But what I didn’t know for years later was that the philosophy and worldview of the Castros and Kruschevs of the world had taken firm hold in my homeland—and that those ideas, slowly worked into the fabric of our society, would one day destroy us without a missile ever being fired.
We’re on the brink of a new school year here in Wisconsin and around the country.  Hundreds of thousands of innocent children will go to public schools soon where the majority of their teachers have been taught well the ideas of those who first struck fear in my young heart that America was vulnerable to attack.
ImageThese students will sit hour after hour hearing about tolerance, diversity, multiculturalism.  They will learn that America is just a capitalistic, imperialistic bully.  They will be taught that government is the answer to everything, no matter the question—that they are dependent on government for everything.  Individuality and independence will be suppressed, but a collective, dependent mindset will be fostered. They will be told that earning money and becoming wealthy is evil; that personal wealth is wrong, and that the government should redistribute your money to those who don’t have what you have.
They will hear Planned Parenthood talk about sex outside of marriage as normal and natural—and a personal right and really just another form of recreation.   Kindergarteners will have read to them that “Heather Has Two Mommies,” and about “Daddy’s Roommate,” and be told that’s normal and natural, while impressionable older students will be unwittingly lured into so-called “safe zones” where homosexuality will be presented as also normal and natural.
Every day these students will have reinforced the idea that human life evolved from some primordial muck; that they are just animals higher up the food chain.  They will hear mocking and scoffing at the idea of a Creator God.  Prayer and any other display of religion will be forbidden and called a violation of the separation of church and state.
ImageNo, this isn’t what my generation experienced, but it is what students in our public schools are experiencing much of the time.  It’s today’s “missile threats”—and it’s much more dangerous than the threats I endured.  Protecting young people today requires way more than a drill and a dive under a desk.  Parents—be aware.  Make the right decisions.  Exercise your right to make educational choices for your children.  Their innocence and America’s future hang in the balance.

WI DPI Holding Hands With Planned Parenthood to Bring Homosexual Curricula to a School Near You


It’s a marriage made in…well, certainly not heaven.

ImageWisconsin’s liberal DPI and Planned Parenthood – together they are scheming to come up with a curricula for Wisconsin’s children that is “LGBTQ inclusive.”Image

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action states, “It’s not enough that Planned Parenthood has infiltrated Wisconsin’s public schools with an “anything goes” sex ed curriculum, now they want to dabble in homosexual activism and indoctrination, and our very own Wisconsin Dept. of Instruction is shamelessly getting on board with them. The implementation of homosexual curricula would promote the loss of parental control over the very issues that should be taught and openly discussed in the home environment.”

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Wisconsin’s Budget: Spending $68 Billion of YOUR Money: School Choice


“School choice in Wisconsin is pretty robust…. Now is the time for you to weigh in on this.”

              -Julaine Appling, WFC president

Listen to Wisconsin Family Council’s radio show “Home Front” with WFC president Julaine Appling as she discusses the 2013-2014 state budget, particularly the school choice proposals in the budget.>>>>>Listen to podcast HERE.


There are three ways you can weigh in on school choice:

  1. Wisconsin Family Action has made it EASY for you to contact your state senator regarding school choice, and it’s FREE. Click HERE and fill in the blanks! We’ll take care of the rest!  OR
  2. Go online - Click on “WHO REPRESENTS ME?” to locate your legislator and their contact information.  Make your own phone call today! OR
  3. Call the Legislative hotline at 800-362-9572.  This will put you in contact with someone who can give you the name of your state senator and state representative; call them both!

“It’s your money, and maybe it’s your children that are involved.” – Julaine Appling


It’s time to let our elected officials know we believe in choice–school choice, that is!     

Governor Walker’s 2013-2014 budget includes some encouraging expansion of school choice in Wisconsin, particularly in the Parental Choice Program or the “voucher program.”

ImageGovernor Walker recommends extending to low-income and working-class parents in eligible school districts the same private school option for their children that parents in Milwaukee and Racine currently enjoy.  The eligible families must live in school districts containing at least 4,000 enrolled students and 2 underperforming (‘D’ or ‘F’) schools (currently Beloit, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Sheboygan, Superior, Waukesha, and West Allis-West Milwaukee).  The expansion is capped at 500 students statewide in 2013-14 and 1,000 students in 2014-15.

Wisconsin Family Action supports this proposal.

  • Parents are responsible for the education of their children. Having good choices of partners to choose from to help them with this critical responsibility is important. The expansion of this school choice program opens up additional options for many parents.
  • Taxpayers get a better deal. The cost per pupil for students in the voucher program is currently a maximum of $6,442. The average per-pupil cost in Wisconsin’s public schools is over $11,000. Even with the Governor’s proposed increase in 2014-2015 for students in the voucher program ($7,050 K-8 and $7,856 9-12; vouchers have not increased for several years), taxpayers are saving money.
  • Communities are also getting better prepared young people. Research on Milwaukee’s Parental Choice Program shows better graduation rates among students who have been in the Choice Program and also has had a positive impact on Milwaukee Public Schools’ overall academic performance and graduation rates because of the competition choice schools create.

ImageJoint Finance Committee is taking up the budget now in preparation for votes in the Assembly and the Senate. Now is the time to let members of the state senate in particular know you support giving parents more options for the education of their children.

Here are some ways YOU can TAKE ACTION TODAY:
1.  Click here to send your state senator an email encouraging him/her to support the Governor’s school choice expansion OR

2.  Call your state senator and deliver this simple message: “I urge you to support the Govenor’s school choice expansion plan in the state budget. It’s good for parents and children and for taxpayers–both of which make it very good for Wisconsin.” Click here to find your state senator and his/her contact information.

3.  Share this information with family/friends, encouraging them to join you in contacting their state senator on this important matter.