WFC’s Day at the Capitol – Tuesday, March 31


 Wisconsin Family Council announces its first ever, “Day at the Capitol.” 

Tuesday, March 31 – 9:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

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This is not a typical lobbying day or legislative conference.  It’s a day for pro-family citizens from all across the state to come together in Madison, pray for our elected officials, hear about important issues, and begin or strengthen a relationship with your legislators.  It’s a day to fellowship with people of like heart and mind! 

Call 888-378-7395 to register!

Family Shout Outs

Well, “they” tell me it’s my turn!  I’m Julaine Appling–and “they” tell me I’m the leader of this merry band of pro-family zealots here at Wisconsin Family Council.  Actually, leader or no, I love working with the WFC team.   We laugh a lot, spar as necessary, stick together on the bad days, enjoy good-natured teasing, watch each other’s back, sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron, and in general loosely resemble–a family, but not the kind of family that our organization is dedicated to “strengthening and preserving.”  That’s a unique institution–and well worth all the effort we put into “strengthening and preserving” it.

We want Wisconsin Family Voice to be yours–a place you can speak up and share ideas, information, encouragement–and even laughs–as we together seek to shore up God’s plan for marriage and family in our state.  I think you’ll enjoy getting to know our staff, as they lend their voices to this blog.   (Eventually, we’ll convince them all that this is fun.) Our goal is have this blog heard around around the state as we join our individual voices in championing Wisconsin’s most valuable natural resource:  her traditional families.

Look, I’m adopted–so family is especially important to me.   I often think about what might have happened to me if I had not been adopted by Bob and Mary Appling when I was 5 months old.   I had been in a foster home and an orphanage–and I’m really glad I have no recollection of either, although I have no reason to think either place was bad.   God mercifully had a different plan.  He had prepared a “forever family” (as my friend Kelly Rosati calls them) for me–and how blessed I’ve been because of that!

By the way, the other day I was giving an interview to a young reporter at one of our universities.  The subject was the horrific decision by the UW-affiliated Madison Surgery Center to begin doing late second-trimester abortions.   As we were winding down, the young lady said, “Well, what do you think these women who are 23 or 24 weeks along should do if you don’t want them to have an abortion?”  I could tell she was trying hard to imagine what I would say, because she couldn’t think of an option.

I wanted to say, but controlled myself, “Hey, I’m the other option–it’s called adoption!  I’m really glad my birth mom knew there was another choice!”   I did give her that sentiment, just not in that way!  I said, “The option is to have the baby and then put him or her up for adoption.  We don’t kill the baby because we are inconvenienced!  We make some other couple ecstatic by adding a bundle of joy to their lives, and give the baby life.”   It was almost as if this gal had never thought of this!  Amazing…sad.  What lies these poor kids are being told by the likes of Planned Parenthood (don’t get me started).  Adoption v. abortion–only two letters difference in those words–but life and death are in the difference!

Anyway, I value family in a way that is likely a bit different from the way those of you who are blood-related to your mom, dad, children, and siblings do.  And, I’m truly honored to be part of an organization that is doing everything it can to give “shout outs,” if you will, to adoptive and natural “forever families” all across the state, reminding them that they are important–to their family members and to all of us who benefit from their strength.  When Wisconsin’s individual families are strong–our state is strong!

I gotta quit…”they” told me I have to keep it short, that no one will read a long blog.  Ok, ok…so I just wasted a half hour and 652 words.  If you read this, know that I apologize.  I’ll do better next time–or “they” might not let me play in this great cyberspace sandbox!  On, families!  On, Wisconsin!