April 7 Election–Everyone’s Got Something To Say

The Capital Times’ daily election update blog is worth reading.  John Nichols looks at the upcoming April 7 Wisconsin non-partisan spring election and how various groups from around the state are weighing in on the two  statewide races for State Superintendent of Public Instruction (Evers v. Fernandez) and Wisconsin Supreme Court (Abrahamson v. Koschnick).  Nichols lets the groups speak for themselves, and then he adds a short editorial comment–sometimes enlightening, sometimes not.

Nichols’ remark after the Fair Wisconsin (FW) blurb notes that the most significant thing in FW’s article is the reference to a recent Cap Times’  article about Judge Koschnick’s evangelical ties.

You have to wonder if Nichols would have highlighted a certain archived June 1993  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about Justice Abrahamson, had any group mentioned it?  The article reports that Abrahamson wasn’t nominated by Pres. Clinton for the US Supreme Court because she was considered too liberal.  Ruth Bader Ginsberg was tapped instead.  (Note:  WFC purchased this article from MJS’s online archive, which is why it’s linked through our web site and not MJS’s.)

For additional voter education information on these races, check out Wisconsin Family Council’s election central web site:  Your Wisconsin Vote.   We’ve done research on both the DPI and judicial candidates and also sent them surveys.  All  that information is available on Your Wisconsin Vote.