“Right is whatever I want to do” Huh?

“I know this is right because it’s what I want to do.”  That’s what a young woman who was trying to make a major decision said about how she knew her decision was right. What?

Such declarations show how truly confused people’s thinking is today. In their world, we don’t need truth; we don’t even need objective reason. We just need our feelings and our desires to guide us in our decisions. That is flat-out dangerous, not to mention ungodly, reasoning.  This type of distorted thinking comes from a distorted worldview. How we view the world, how we process and make sense of what we see, hear and experience, what authority we use as a touchstone, makes a profound difference in our decision-making and our actions.  Everyone has a worldview, whether or not they acknowledge it or can articulate it. 

I don’t mean to oversimplify here, but you can make a case that there are really only two worldview possibilities. You either have a worldview based on truth, or one based on lies.  Wisconsin Family Council (WFC) is committed to promoting a biblical worldview—the only worldview that is based on The Truth—Jesus Christ, the Son of God, revealed in the Bible.  A worldview that is not based on God’s truth claims, as given to us in His Word, is a faulty worldview.  It’s a worldview that will result in the kind of reasoning that says, “Right is whatever I want to do,” the updated version of, “If it feels good, do it.”

Christian pollster George Barna claims only 9% of Christians have a Christian worldview. Let’s say Barna’s low, that he’s off by as much as 500%.  That would still mean that only 45% of professing Christians have a worldview consistent with what they claim to believe.  And we wonder why there’s so much disconnect in our thinking and actions? It’s the natural outcome of an unbiblical worldview.

This is precisely why WFC is an ardent proponent of Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project.  It is one of the best systematic, comprehensive Biblical worldview studies we’ve seen. Dr. Del Tackett is a gifted teacher with an excellent command of Scripture.  WFC is honored to be the exclusive statewide coordinator for The Truth Project (TTP) in Wisconsin.

Join us for our first training session in Racine on Saturday, August 29.   Click here for more information and a preview of The Truth Project.  Click here to register.

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