Reject more government involvement in health care

We should resoundingly reject any more government involvement in health care.  We should reject it for no other reason than the inability of government to successfully run ANY significant program for a significant length of time.  I would measure success as quality of service, fiscal efficiency, and most importantly–righteousness before God.

The President and others have claimed that the government has run a program successfully and the customers are happy.  The program they point to is Medicare, which they claim most people are satisfied with.  Unfortunately, it is not a fiscally sustainable program.  It alone will surpass all other federal spending within as few as 6 years from now!  On its current pace it will bankrupt the country.  You can’t claim success in a service when you give your product away for free.

Additionally, study what happened after the Clintons failed to force national health care on us.  You will find that what they did was force the health care industry to hold costs to the levels of 1995 for all government covered patients.  Then since they held the power, they made it law that Medicare patients must receive care.  In essence they decided how much they were going to pay and then bullied the health care folks to accept it.

Now that’s history.  Right?  And President Obama is a man of hope and change.  He says the government will be able to run a program successfully.  Well let’s take a look at how he is already doing in just one area, real estate.

In April, Jim Saccacio, chairman and CEO at said,  “With $75 billion set aside to help individual homeowners, the Obama Administration’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan is designed to slow or even reverse the foreclosure tide by helping three to four million borrowers who are now in danger of losing their homes.”

In article posted today on 24/7 Wall Street, Mr. Saccacio says,  “July marks the third time in the last five months where we’ve seen a new record set for foreclosure activity.”  Mr. Saccacio goes onto say, “It is still hard to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.  One is certainly that rising unemployment makes fewer and fewer people able to stay in their homes. Another is that the federal government’s programs to lower monthly payments to allow people to keep their houses is an ongoing failure which is hardly putting a dent in the foreclosure trend.”

Wait a minute, “an ongoing failure”?  This is only a $75 billion program.  Now President Obama wants us to agree that he can run a multi-trillion dollar program.  Remember the government has in the last year gone through several trillion dollars of our money.  How did they do with that money?

Luke 16:10 (NKJV): “He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.”