What is the president telling our kids to do?

On September 8, the first day of school for most children across America, President Barack Obama will address the nation’s school children on the importance of education.  As in, he wants his speech piped into every PreK-12 classroom in America, because every child should be given the opportunity to hear Barack Obama speak; it’s just such a “historic moment.”

In order to make sure  teachers take full advantage of this momentous occasion, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan published two activity “menus,” one for grades PreK-6 and one for grades 7-12.  Yes, you read that right, PreK.  Apparently, it’s never too early for indoctrination.

Take a look at some of these questions teachers are supposed to ask kids as young as 4 years old:

  • What is the President trying to tell me?
  • What is the President asking me to do?
  • What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?

Or what about this…

  • Does the speech make you want to do anything?
  • What resonated with you from President Obama’s speech? What lines/phrases do you remember?

Does Obama’s speech writer need feedback on the effectiveness of the president’s speeches on the motivation level of future voters and campaign workers?  And just why does he think teachers want/need him in their classrooms on the first day of school?  He’s the president, not the superintendent.

Perhaps we’ll listen in on the president’s “historic moment” next Tuesday and answer some of Secretary Duncan’s questions…

One comment on “What is the president telling our kids to do?

  1. Appleton Patriot says:

    This smacks of indoctrination to me. It’s much more than his “hour”, this includes a “suggestions” agenda for teachers to continue the indoctrination for weeks. Just go to the links in the article to see how the plan is extended. The teachers union is one of the Democrat’s strongest supporters and contributes millions to them. How active do you think they will be in continuing and promoting his agenga of indoctrination? Let’s also see how government run health care gets introduced into the “importance of education” topic.

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