Breaking News! Walker’s veto upheld by 12-7 vote!

Milwaukee County Supervisors failed to overturn County Executive Scott Walker’s veto of the proposed domestic partner health care benefits by one vote this morning.  The Supervisors needed 13 votes to overturn the veto but the final vote this morning was 12-7.  Walker’s veto stands and the proposal is dead!


Supervisor Lynn De Bruin provided the the seventh vote to uphold the veto.  De Bruin original voted for the measure back in October but changed her mind, according to reports, because of the estimated price tag for the measure–$4 million.

Wisconsin Family Action placed 8,000 phone calls this week encouraging Milwaukee County residents to call County Supervisors and urge them to uphold the veto.   Thank you to everyone who contacted their Supervisor and asked them to uphold Walker’s veto!