Minor performers’ bill removes needed protections

Today the Senate Committee on Children and Families and Workforce Development held a public hearing on SB 295.  SB 295, authored by Sen. Neal Kedzie (R-Elkhorn), would change current law to allow minors 14 and under to work as musicians or performers at roadhouses, cabarets, dance halls, night clubs, taverns or similar places.

Wisconsin Family Action President, Julaine Appling, provided testimony in opposition to this bill.  Read the testimony here.

We’re very concerned about the unintended consequences of SB 295, which is tailored toward a specific situation and does not take into account the irresponsible parents or tavern/roadhouse/etc., employers who might exploit children under this bill.  Why would we want to put minors, particularly children under the age of 14, in situations and environments that specifically cater to drinking and adult-oriented entertainment?  We can’t think of any reason good enough for the government to sanction such risk-taking with our children.

WFA PAC endorses Reilly in District II Appeals race

Today Wisconsin Family Action PAC announced endorsement of Judge Paul Reilly in the District II Court of Appeals race:

Madison—Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee (WFA PAC) announced today that it has endorsed Judge Paul Reilly for the open seat on Wisconsin’s District II Court of Appeals for the upcoming Spring General Election on Tuesday, April 6.

District II Court of Appeals includes the counties of Calumet, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Kenosha, Manitowoc, Ozaukee, Racine, Sheboygan, Walworth, Washington, Waukesha, and Winnebago.

“Judge Paul Reilly has the most important quality necessary for a judge—a commitment to the role of a judge as interpreting and applying the law as it is written, not making law from the bench. He brings both experience and respect for the law and the separation of powers to this key judicial position,” said Julaine Appling, WFA PAC director.

Judge Reilly is currently a judge on the Waukesha County Circuit Court. Also running for District II Court of Appeals is Judge Linda Van de Water.

Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action PAC, Judith Brant, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.

Click here for the PDF of the announcement.