NDP Event was amazing!

Update 05/13/10: Check out the new pix from one of our pilot prayer warriors!

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Somewhere between 100-150 people showed up at the Capitol in Madison yesterday for the National Day of Prayer event.  We had a wonderful time of worship and prayer led by NDP State Coordinator Jill Kocian and her husband Pastor James Kocian, WFC President Julaine Appling, Clint Holden, Ret. Army Col. Art Zuleger, Pastor Bill Bartz and NDP North Central Region National Area Leaders Gary & Barb Hibma.

During our gathering, at least two and perhaps 3 planes circled over the Capitol (part of PrayerFlight) with prayer warriors inside, praying for the event and for the seven areas we were praying for below: government, military, media, business, education, church and family.

It was an incredibly encouraging and uplifting time.  We’re so grateful for all the individuals who took the time off to fly their planes over different areas of Wisconsin (8 in all!), to travel to Madison and other NDP events in the state and intercede for our nation.

Some media from yesterday’s event:

Channel 3 Madison

Channel 27 Madison

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