Elections – More Than Just Voting

This week’s radio commentary:

Incredible opportunities await us this year with the Fall Primary on September 14 and the General Election on November 2.  Voting is certainly important, but elections are about much more than the votes we cast.  Getting good people elected to office, at all levels, is hard work—and voting is just the culmination of all that work and, quite frankly, represents our minimum involvement as citizens.

As voters with the opportunity and responsibility to choose from among us individuals to rule over us, elections are both scary and exciting. The scary part is knowing whether the candidates we support will accurately represent our views, rights and values and will do so with integrity, determination and courage. The exciting part is the opportunity to help good candidates win.

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2 comments on “Elections – More Than Just Voting

  1. A mom says:

    One point: We do not choose individuals to rule over us. We choose individuals to represent us. Big difference.

    When Obama’s aide let it slip, before the inauguration, that they would be “ready to rule” on Day One, it was a harbinger of the kind of autocratic presidency Obama and his cronies envisioned.

    Scary stuff, indeed.

    • julaineappling says:

      A mom–

      You are right about the “choose individuals to rule over us.” There is a huge difference between “ruling” and “representing,” and we appreciate your pointing that out. We certainly didn’t mean to imply we think anyone in a republic should rule…just a bad word choice–and we are glad you were paying attention. We’ll be much more careful about that!

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