ENDA the Road for Religious Liberty

This week’s radio commentary…

Imagine the following: You send your kids to a Christian camp every summer.  It’s the highlight of their summer, and you appreciate what they’re learning there.  This year, instead of the annual invite to attend camp, you receive a notice from the camp indicating that a recent lawsuit drained their resources and they’re closing down.

Your children are devastated, but you dig a little deeper and find out the lawsuit was an employment discrimination case, brought by the federal government against your favorite Christian camp because they refused to hire an open homosexual who rejects Christian teaching on sexuality and marriage.   You ask, and rightly so, “What happened to religious liberty? This is the United States, right?”

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4 comments on “ENDA the Road for Religious Liberty

  1. Leila Smith says:

    what has happened to this country that we are giving in to this way of life. We need to stand up to these types of people even if it means going to jail just as our ancestors did and even the great saints.

  2. Chad Wege says:

    I understand that Wisconsin already has a ENDA law on te books since the early 1980s. How is the federal version different?

    • julaineappling says:

      It is true that Wisconsin was one of the first states (if not the first one) to enact a state-level ENDA. The proposed ENDA at the federal level is different in that it includes “gender identity,” which opens the door much wider than the term “sexual orientation.” At this point, religious organizations are exempt from the sexual orientation portion of the state’s ENDA–a situation that could change with a single court decision. However, the federal ENDA being considered has a very narrow “religious exemption,” that focuses only on churches and pastors. That leaves many “faith-based” organizations and companies extremely vulnerable.

  3. If I understand ENDA correctly, it’s the churches and/or religious organizations that will be affectded most by this vote. Isn’t Satan having a hay-day in trying to portray that those of us who love Christ should love sin? Well…..!!!!? Since we’re under pressure to support the homo-sexual agenda…we should also support all other kinds of sin…adultry, addictions, lieing/cheating, etc., etc.!!!? Right?? I don’t think so!!!

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