The Reality of Gendercide

This week’s radio commentary…

It’s not popular story-telling today, but it’s true nonetheless. First Century Christians rescued newborn infants, especially baby girls, left by their parents to die by exposure, a common practice in a Roman culture that preferred sons over daughters and despised deformities.

Today, such infanticide is illegal in the West and in most places around the developing world. Tragically, abortion has replaced this terrible practice with a judicially legalized procedure that is a little less visible to our sensitive eyes. The end product is the same – innocent babies are mercilessly killed.  However, with abortion, some can convince themselves it really isn’t murder.

Added to this horrific story is gendercide, or as that marvel of Internet knowledge called Wikipedia tells us, gender-selective mass killing. Mass killing?  Surely I’m exaggerating.  Well, let me give you a current figure: more than 160 million.  That’s how many women are missing from the world today because of gender selection, according to Mara Hvistendahl, the author of a new book called Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls and the Consequences of a World Full of Men.  Sounds like mass killing to me.

How is such a travesty possible?! If you’ve had a child recently, or you know someone who has, then you probably already know the answer to that question. Today ultrasound technology is available around the world, is relatively inexpensive, and reveals the gender of a baby and for some unfortunate girls, gives their parents the opportunity to “wait” for a boy by aborting their little girls.

This is not an isolated cultural practice—we’re talking about 160 million girls missing worldwide! For the sake of comparison, Russia’s population is approximately 143 million and Japan’s is approximately 128 million. We’re missing an entire country’s worth of women because of selective abortions!

The natural, God-ordained male-female ratio is 105-100. That’s 105 boys born for every 100 girls born. As Jonathan Last of the Wall Street Journal notes, that ratio “is biologically ironclad.” That’s just the way it is, until you throw abortion into the mix.

In India, that male-female ratio is 112-100. In China, it’s 121-100, although in some Chinese towns it’s over 150. Azerbaijan is 115-100, Georgia is 118-100 and Armenia is 120-100. And it also happens in the United States of America—so we are not innocent. The ratios in the population-dense countries of China and India have skewed the global ratio to the unheard of 107-100!

Here’s the kicker: women are killing women. Hvistendahl says in her book that “women used their increased autonomy to select for sons.” So-called female empowerment has turned into all-out gendercide with the intentional killing of unborn girls. If you’re familiar with the pro-life movement, you won’t be surprised by some of the international organizations with their bloody hands in the sex-selection phenomenon: Hvistendahl lists The Planned Parenthood Federation, The Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the United Nations among the culprits. All of those organizations are known for their population control inclinations.

But there’s another aspect to this story. The appropriate alarm the author of Unnatural Selection and other commentators and demographers express over the consequences of a disproportionate male-female ratio really confirms the case for marriage.  The research shows when unattached, single men are in significant numbers, violent, unstable societies result.  Simply put, when there are not enough women for men to marry, the men are left to themselves—and it’s not only not pretty, it’s downright dangerous, especially for women who frequently become victims of crime and involved with the sex trade.  Whenever you step outside that perfect ratio God created we all suffer; but it seems like women get it the worst.

Once again, it comes down to marriage and life—the two issues that absolutely galvanize the conservative base in Wisconsin and nationwide and turn us out to the polls, even in mid-summer recall elections. This is simply more proof that our issues, our core issues, are foundational and imperative to the future prosperity and the continuation of society.

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the Prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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