Those Pesky Social Issues

From this week’s radio commentary…

I was rewarded Saturday for being a political junkie.  I couldn’t help myself, so I tuned in to catch part of the televised Iowa Republican Presidential Straw Poll, sandwiched between the Brewer game and the Packer pre-season opener.

As is typical, I was braced for hearing a great deal of moderate mush, especially on what some fondly, and some not so fondly, refer to as “social issues.”  You know, these supposedly throw-away issues such as life and marriage—those issues that are so divisive that only the true radicals really care about them, much less make them a litmus test for candidates.  At least that’s what many politicians, party faithful, and campaign consultants try to tell us.

However, I found my bracing was pretty much unnecessary.  Many of the candidates mentioned at least one of these social issues and several mentioned both.  It was encouraging to hear the candidates stake their claim as being pro-life and pro-marriage without having to have a question from the audience or some other external prompting, as is so often the case.

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One comment on “Those Pesky Social Issues

  1. Mark says:

    And a couple of days later Michele Bachmann repeatedly refuses to discuss her stance on same-sex marriage. It would appear certain viewpoints don’t play well when you step away from a very specific audience.

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