Bullying is bullying–no matter who is doing it

From this week’s “Wisconsin Family Connection”~

Bullying is bullying—and it’s always wrong.  Intimidating, harassing, and threatening someone until you scare them into doing what you want is bullying—no matter who’s doing it.  And it’s always wrong.

However, those are the tactics of the people who push the homosexual agenda, including those who support same-sex marriage.  Whenever people have had the audacity to speak out as pastors, business owners, politicians, or even just individual citizens, the bullying begins.  I know; we’ve watched it and been involved with it for years.

In 2006 when our organization was involved in educating people on Wisconsin’s Marriage Protection Amendment that would receive a statewide vote in November that year, we learned just how effective such bullying can be.  In September, in the heat of the campaign, our graphic arts designer and web site host, called and told me that her company was immediately dropping us as a customer.  We would need to find a different designer and another company to host the Vote Yes for Marriage site.  When I asked why, the owner hesitated until I said, “You’re getting threats, aren’t you?”  Reluctantly but with some relief she said, “Yes.  I’ve been told if we keep doing work for you, those who oppose you will basically run me out of business.”  She wasn’t willing to run the risk of losing everything she’d worked for—and she should have never been put in that position. If that’s not bullying, then what is it?

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6 comments on “Bullying is bullying–no matter who is doing it

  1. Mike B says:

    I’m afraid, Ms. Appling, that if you don’t see the difference between children being physically threatened with violence in a school situation versus adults whose businesses are being boycotted or criticized, then you’re either completely insensitive, astonishingly self-absorbed, or utterly unintelligent (or all of the above). To compare the plight of a child, for instance like the child with muscular dystrophy who was bullied by an older boy enough to kill himself recently, to that of those distancing themselves from your organization because they don’t want to lose a buck, is repulsive. You’ve hit a new low, even for you, Julaine. I get the sense that your ship is sinking and you’re taking defenseless kids down with you. How noble.

    • My Lord! What an outstanding job of regurgitation. You have been indoctrinated to death! I mean, to the fullest extent. If you really believe this mantra, you HAVE been completely rearranged, reeducated and convinced that somehow black is white and white is black, down is up and up is down. You probably can thank a public school indoctrinatror, uh, I mean, teacher somewhere in your not to distant past for this.

  2. Steve Pilon says:

    Yeah I’m petty sure that no christian people have been murdered or beat up for being christian in the US. To claim that your being bulied is ludacrious!

  3. Steve Pilon says:

    Well Wisconsin Family Voice, how long will it be before you decide that a dialog between your users is a bad idea and remove the comments section? For this news story why not invite your readers to post stories of their “bullying” from “homosexual activists”? Let’s have a dialog.

  4. And you can skip correcting my spelling and/or grammar and get right to the point or don’t even bother rsponding.

  5. I’ve been in ‘dialog sessions’ in the past with you guys. They usually don’t turn out the way i’d like, I mean, “total conversion”, but something useful usually gets said. I feel for you and your distorted version of what’s happening. It’s so painfuly obvious that you don’t really understand. I’m open to discussion.

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