The Pink Link

From this week’s “Wisconsin Family Connection,” Wisconsin Family Council’s weekly radio commentary~

So, is anyone else a bit distracted by the pink shoes, pink arm bands, and hats with pink stripes that our World Champion Green Bay Packers and other NFL teams are wearing this month?  What’s sad is that I’m sure a majority of the players and the management don’t really know what they are supporting when they’re sporting pink all October.

All of this pink display is sponsored and promoted by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, an organization that has made its fame and fortune in promoting finding a cure for and ostensibly preventing breast cancer.  Lest anyone think I am against finding a cure for this dread disease—or better yet, preventing it, rest assured that my heart goes out to those who are currently fighting breast cancer, and to their families—as well as to those who have lost loved ones to this pestilence. 

By having Major League Baseball teams use pink bats and wear pink accoutrements on Mothers’ Day, having the NFL devote October to promoting its work, and doing a host of other promos, the Komen organization is fund-raising for its work.  The money the Komen Foundation raises then goes to other groups that are doing research or are doing screening and education work in the breast cancer area. 

For several years now, the Komen Foundation has been giving to Planned Parenthood affiliates to supposedly help fund their breast cancer prevention, education and screening work. 

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Polling for truth

From this week’s “Wisconsin Family Connection,” Wisconsin Family Council’s radio commentary!

Recent polls claim that more and more Americans—including Wisconsinites—believe same-sex civil unions or domestic partnerships are just fine and should basically be treated like marriages.  And, of course, those promoting acceptance and normalization for their non-traditional relationships are touting these polls as being the barometer of what is right.

Let’s make this very clear: Truth is not subject to nor is Truth swayed by public opinion polls.  God’s Truth stands independent of all of man’s machinations. Public opinion may or may not reflect accurately where a group of people is on a certain issue, but that by no means makes public opinion right—or good for the public, for that matter.  The Word of God is the arbiter of right and wrong, especially on issues such as marriage.

It’s hardly surprising that the polls show that people are saying individuals in same-sex relationships should be treated just as if they are married. The media has done a fabulous job of beating that drum at every opportunity. The schools have opened their doors to groups such as GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network and others who want to promote and normalize homosexuality from kindergarten up.

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