Wisconsin Family Action Domestic Partnership Registry Lawsuit Goes to WI Supreme Court

For two years Appling vs Doyle has been working its way through Wisconsin’s judicial system.  Wisconsin Family Action’s President Julaine Appling, along with several WFA board members, filed a lawsuit in 2010 asserting that the statewide, same-sex-only domestic partnership registry is unconstitutional.  Today, the state Appeals Court decided not to rule on the case but to ask the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take the lawsuit and ultimately issue a ruling.

Wisconsin Family Action believes the domestic partnership registry enacted by Governor Doyle in June of 2009 violates the marriage amendment as it mimics marriage by creating a “legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals.”

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Appling reacted to today’s news, “We knew that eventually this case would land in the Supreme Court so this is not surprising to us. The timing of the decision was unexpected, but not that the Appellate Court took this action.  As the Court said, the case has far-reaching implications.”

Appling concluded “We trust the Wisconsin Supreme Court will consider the case on its merits and we are confident they will deem this domestic partnership registry unconstitutional.”


Kimberly-Clark Promotes Gay Event for Minor Children in Menasha, WI

Minors/youth ages 14-18 are being utilized as pawns for a fund-raising GAY EVENT sponsored by Wisconsin corporation KIMBERLY-CLARK at Waverly Beach Restaurant in Menasha, Wisconsin on September 18 under the guise of a beach party.  Harmony Cafe (a program of GOODWILL INDUSTRIES of North Central Wisconsin) is hosting the event. Goodwill has the event advertised at the bottom of their home page HERE and even posts/exposes the names of the attendees as they register on Facebook.
While Kimberly-Clark’s website touts a “healthy lifestyles” page and encourages employees and community members to make healthy domestic lifestyle choices, this company is endorsing the most dangerous physical lifestyle known to man, homosexuality, and engaging youth to assist in the appropriation of funding of a local gay club. Apparently, Kimberly-Clark has not been paying attention to the CDC website’s statistics regarding the dangerous and deadly effects of gay/lesbian sex.  Regarding men alone the CDC states, “Men who have sex with men (MSM) accounted for 61% of the estimated new HIV infections in 2009.” Promoting and sponsoring a homosexual event using children to coerce adults into opening their pocketbooks is not only shameful, it is an outright slap in the face to the citizens of Wisconsin, who overwhelmingly support a state law upholding marriage as between one man and one woman.
It is no secret that Kimberly-Clark is an advocate for homosexuality, having received a score of 90 out of 130  100 from the nationally known Human Rights Campaign ( LGBT equal rights organization) for embracing homosexual equality/domestic partner benefits  within their company.
Kimberly-Clark offers such products as:
Little Swimmers
Wisconsin Family Action denounces Kimberly-Clark’s sponsorship of the GLBT event for youth. While Kimberly-Clark chooses to promote a homosexual agenda within its own ranks, it is detestable that they have now stepped out into our communities to undermine parents, the law and the precious lives of Wisconsin’s children.  Wisconsin families deserve more respect than this.
Wisconsin Family Action encourages Wisconsinites and Kimberly-Clark patrons to contact chairman and CEO Thomas J. Falk to express your opposition to their infringement on the health and well-being of the children in our great state.
Contact information:
Thomas J. Falk, Chairman/CEO
Phone: 920-721-2000
Or use Kimberly-Clark’s on-line form HERE
W6149 Old Highway Rd
Menasha, WI,
Fax:  920-721-4237
GOODWILL INDUSTRIES can be contacted at:
1800 Appleton Road
Menasha, WI  54952
Email:  webmaster@gwicc.org
Phone:  1-800-482-0030
Fax:  920-731-3041