Budget Adjustment Bill In The Best Interest of Families

Drastic action necessary to balance the budget without massive job cuts

MADISON—Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling released the following statement on Special Session Senate Bill 11, Governor Walker’s Budget Adjustment Bill.

“As a pro-family organization, we must speak out because this is fundamentally about the integrity and independence of the family unit.  Unsustainable state government debt hurts families now and in the future.  This is a reasonable plan.  It’s a way in which we now can truly say we’re all working for the best interest of WI.  The private sector has made its cuts and continues to make cuts.  Families in the private sector have adjusted to smaller incomes and are grateful to still have jobs in this economy.  We cannot go back to them and raise taxes in order to keep benefits for public sector employees at an artificially inflated level.

“We appreciate the service of our public sector employees, including teachers.  However, benefits are a value-add for employees when the employer has the ability to enhance the job package.  The state of Wisconsin no longer has the ability to provide a Cadillac of benefit packages to public employees who currently share only a fraction of the cost.  State and local government must be able to address budget deficits without getting tied up in months of benefits negotiation.  We are broke and our only other options are to make massive job cuts, go deeper into debt or implement an oppressive tax increase on families.  Governor Walker’s proposal is a reasonable approach to balance the state budget, one that does not cut family-supporting jobs or increase the burden on family incomes in the private sector.”