Feingold & Kohl approve–again–two-time loser Louis Butler

Yesterday, the US Senate Judiciary Committee  on a 12-7 partisan vote approved former Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler as a federal district judge. Both of Wisconsin’s senators, Russ Feingold (D) and Herb Kohl (D) are on the Judiciary Committee and both voted for Butler and several other Obama nominees.  The full Senate will likely sit for quite awhile before acting on these nominees.

This is the second time Feingold and Kohl have voted to approve Butler for this position. As a matter of record, yes, Butler is the former Milwaukee County judge who ran for the State Supreme Court in 2000 and was soundly defeated by Diane Sykes.   In 2004, when Sykes took a federal judgeship, Gov. Jim Doyle appointed Butler to the State Supreme Court–a position incumbent Justice Butler managed to lose in 2008 when challenger Justice Mike Gableman beat him.

So, now Feingold and Kohl have given this two-time loser–a judge “we the people” keep rejecting–yet another opportunity for a lifetime appointment.  Obviously, Feingold and Kohl care more about party unity than representing their constituents.  Yet another glaring example of what’s wrong with our government.