Janesville SD says “sorry” for showing video: WFA responds – “Big Deal”

On April 11, 2014, the Gay/Straight Alliance at Craig High School in Janesville showed a propaganda-laden video endorsing homosexual “marriage” to the students in support of a national Day of Silence (a pro-homosexual event held each year in many public schools).
The video was approved by school advisors and the school’s principal. After two parents (and a grandparent) complained about the activity, the school district’s superintendent, Karen Schulte, issued an apology.  

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Julaine Appling, president of WFA, responds, “So the school acknowledged the error and apologized.  On one level, big deal.  It doesn’t undo the fact that the students watched it in the first place, and where’s the video that all students now need to watch that supports traditional one man/one woman marriage? This seems to be a case of thinking it’s easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission, and it should be a reminder to all parents to stay engaged in your child’s school.”

Wausau’s First “Gay Pride Parade” Targets TEENS

ImageUPDATE 6/21/2013:  CANCELLED!

A California man (who owns property in Wausau) is putting $15,000 of his own money into a so-called “gay pride” parade scheduled to take place in Wausau on June 22, complete with drag show.  The parade is specifically geared to draw in “teens and young people” in the hopes of aiding them in “coming out.”

“Our experience with homosexual parades is that they’re nothing more than a display of

Imageimmorality and propaganda,” said Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling, “This Wausau group is specifically targeting teens, which sends exactly the wrong message to our young people.  The citizens of Wausau need to let their elected officials know their opinion about this parade.”

Wausau City Council members with contact information are listed HERE.

Wausau Mayor James E. Tipple’s contact information may be found HERE.

Gay Agenda Picks up “Hurricane” Wind at Hayward High School, Wisconsin



This sticker appeared on almost every single classroom door at Hayward High School the day before, and the day of, the homosexual event “Day of Silence.”  The sticker even touts the school’s mascot signature “Hurricanes” superimposed over a rainbow – the official LGBT symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride. This activity at Hayward High School (District office: 715-638-9001) supports what we have been saying all along – the Day of Silence, GLSEN and any other pro-homosexual activity is about normalization and acceptance, not about the serious health consequences of homosexual activity.

This kind of support and promotion of LGBT activities among our youth in the public school systems across the state (and our nation)  is not exclusive to Hayward.  As GLSEN (Gay/Lesbian/Straight Educational Network) infiltrates our schools with their nefarious message of tolerance and acceptance, not safety, through their Gay/Straight Alliance clubs (GSA’s), you can be sure there is a high probability it is at the high school, middle school, and even elementary school in your own backyard.

Be wise.  Go to your local school district website and investigate; see if you have a GSA club in your school district (sometimes listed as a “co-curricular” club).  Who is funding it?  Is it YOU, the taxpayer?  Call your local superintendent, school board members, and/or director of curriculum and instruction.  Voice your opinion as a taxpayer, parent, community member. Share this information with friends and family. Above all, talk with your children who are being exposed to the tactics of this organization.




Drag Shows And Days of Silence

Commentary from WFA president Julaine Appling:

“The headline lept off the computer screen at me, “DRAG SHOW” at the UW Fox Valley.  I was a bit surprised by the announcement but truly was expecting to see pictures of colorful drag racing cars displayed on the attached flyer. Boy, was I wrong.The “drag show” being promoted for this month at the UW Fox Valley is all about openly homosexual men dressed in drag—and putting on a show.  And it isn’t just at the UW Fox Valley. The show has made its way around the state at various UW System schools.This disgusting, decidedly unwholesome so-called “show” is sponsored by the UW Fox Valley Campus Activities Board, in association with the UW Fox Gay Straight Alliance, the Student Activities Office and the Theater Department.  Prominently displayed on the advertising poster is the UW Fox Valley logo.  Of course, even with all these UW Fox Valley groups and the logo on the advertising, the UW Fox Valley administration denies any sanctioning or endorsement of the event.In a TV interview I did on this issue, the reporter mentioned to me that when he called the UW Fox Valley, he was told that area high school students were also going to be involved for the, well, “theater experience.”  So it’s not enough that college students are being told this raunch and filth is all about “diversity,” now we are exposing high school students to this open and very well publicized endorsement and promotion of homosexuality with truly “queer” behavior—meaning, men dressed in women’s clothing.

All of this is about the homosexual agenda. Please do not miss that.  This so-called “entertainment” sanctioned by so many school groups is about promoting homosexuality, making it look like fun, safe behavior.  It is most definitely not safe.

But this is just the most recent and most glaring example of the promotion of this agenda.

Other examples abound—like the Day of Silence that will be in almost every Wisconsin public high school and many junior highs.This now-annual event is proudly—pun intended—sponsored by GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, that has been quietly—and sometimes not so quietly—invading schools and brainwashing students for years now.  On GLSEN’s “Day of Silence” web site, the group clearly announces its agenda: “Championing LGBT Issues in K-12 Education Since 1990.”  In case you don’t know, LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.  That’s what GLSEN has been championing in our public schools for 23 years.

This year’s nationwide “Day of Silence” is Friday, April 19.  That’s when students who have been duped by the lies of those promoting the homosexual agenda will take a vow of silence, wear armbands proclaiming their solidarity with the activists and distribute cards explaining their silence.  Students are told that this is about bringing awareness to the “anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment” that they allege takes place in schools.

The truth is that this concocted and cleverly promoted “Day of Silence” is really about the same thing as the Drag Show.  It’s about promoting homosexuality and the homosexual agenda.  If you read the materials put out by GLSEN, the Gay Straight Alliances and other groups that are “championing” homosexuality in our schools, you quickly get the picture.  Oh, they couch virtually everything in terms of safety; but as you look more closely you realize everything is really about making homosexual behavior seem normal and natural—and often even preferred over heterosexual behavior.

GLSEN and the Gay Straight Alliances prey on young people who are already in a tough time of their lives.  These groups come along offering acceptance and then basically push young people into believing they were “born that way” and that makes them actually, from the pro-homosexual perspective, in a rather elite group.

Drag Shows and Days of Silence are not healthy, helpful, or wholesome; they are concerted efforts by people who are seeking to advance their unhealthy, unwholesome, and, yes, according to God’s Word, sinful, behavior. Fighting this well-funded, well-promoted, well-orchestrated agenda is not easy.  But as we individually get informed, we can individually determine we will not be silent and we can help protect those who are the most vulnerable from being dragged into this very dangerous agenda.”

ACTION ALERT: DRAG SHOW Endorsed by University of Wisconsin Fox Valley

In less than one week, the University of Wisconsin System Fox Valley will be hosting a “drag show” at the Communication Arts Center theater in Menasha.  The “main attraction” is the guest appearance of self-proclaimed male homosexual transvestite “Shangela” from a lewd reality television show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in which homosexual male drag performers compete for prizes. The tickets are cheap ($3), and so, it appears, is the propaganda, display of immorality, and overall message to the Fox Valley community.

Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling states, “Human sexuality is both a gift and a responsibility given to man by God. Sexual morality, therefore, is everyone’s concern.  It is of concern to single individuals, to families, and to society. Our University of Wisconsin System is placing the stamp of approval on homosexual propaganda and explicitly immoral content with an upcoming “drag show” event that sends the wrong message to our next generation of leaders, parents, and families. Taxpayers should beware, and quickly take action to defend our shared values.  The Badger State’s standards for it’s families are much higher than this shameful display of sexual immorality on our campuses and in our local communities.”

UPDATE 3/8/2013:  The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire also presented a similar show under the name of  “Fire Ball” on 01/25/2013.  See information HERE.


Below is the original flyer/advertisement from UW Fox Valley, complete with contact phone numbers.  CALL TODAY!



UWFox Drag Show

Thursday, March 14, 2013, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Lucia Baehman Theatre – Communication Arts Center, 1478 Midway Road, Menasha, WI 54952

Contact Name Jeff Kuepper
Contact Phone 832-2671


THEATRE DEPARTMENT present the first annual UWFOX DRAG SHOW, FEATURING SHANGELA from RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE!     Also Featuring: Tres Demaj, Sharon D’Knight, Cee Cee Larouge, Karizma Mirage

Contact UWfox Drag Show Featuring SHANGELA!

1478 Midway Road
Menasha, WI 54952



Email Us

Dean’s Office Staff

  • Dr. Martin Rudd, Campus Executive Officer and Dean
  • Dr. Bill Bultman, Associate Dean
  • Juli McGuire, Dean’s Office Manager

Contact Dean’s Office

University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley 1478 Midway Road Menasha, Wisconsin 54952

  • Direct Tel: 920.832.2610
  • Campus Main Tel: 920.832.2600
  • Campus Main Fax: 920.832.2674

BOY SCOUTS Under Pressure to Change Homosexual Policy for Kids

The Boy Scouts are once again under pressure to change their policy on homosexuality that allows “gay kids” and “gay leaders” to join.


From our friends at Family Research Council:

For decades, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have heroically withstood attacks from homosexual activists. Now, officials from the organization have indicated that this may be about to change. The BSA says that it is “discussing potentially removing the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation.”

“Be prepared.” The motto of the venerable organization that has helped develop countless boys into men, preparedness is not only an aspiration, but a descriptor. Thus far they’ve been prepared to withstand the constant bullying by those who work to bring down all that the millions of dedicated Scouts and Scout leaders stand for.

A departure from their long-held policies would be devastating to an organization that has prided itself on the development of character in boys. In fact, according to a recent Gallup survey, only 42 percent of Americans support changing the policy to allow homosexual scout leaders.

As the BSA board meets next week, it is crucial that they hear from those who stand with them and their current policy regarding homosexuality. Please call the Boy Scouts of America at 972-580-2000 and tell them that you want to see the organization stand firm in its moral values and respect the right of parents to discuss these sexual topics with their children.

Please call the Boy Scouts at 972-580-2000!”


You may also call the members of the BSA Board of Directors and kindly urge them to stand strong and true to their timeless values:

Select BSA Board Members:

  • David L. Beck: (801) 240-1000
  • R. Thomas Buffenbarger: (310) 967-4500
  • Keith A. Clark: (717) 763-1121
  • William F. “Rick” Cronk: (925) 283-7229
  • John C. Cushman III: (904) 393-9020
  • R. Michael Daniel: (412) 297-4989
  • Jack D. Furst: (972) 982-8250
  • T. Michael Goodrich: (205) 328-9445 ext. 200
  • Earl G. Graves: (212) 242-8000
  • Aubrey B. Harwell Jr.: (615) 244-1713
  • Stephen Hemsley: (800) 328-5979
  • Larry W. Kellner: (713) 468-4050
  • Robert J. LaFortune: (918) 582-2981
  • Joseph P. Landy: (212) 878-0600
  • Francis R. McAllister: (406) 373-8700
  • Scott D. Oki: (425) 454-2800
  • Arthur F. Oppenheimer: (208) 343-4883
  • Tico A. Perez: (407) 849-1235
  • Robert H. Reynolds: (317) 231-7227
  • Matthew K. Rose: (909) 386-4140
  • Nathan O. Rosenberg: (949) 494-4553
  • Roger M. Schrimp: (209) 526-3500
  • Marshall M. Sloane: (781) 395-3000
  • Rex W. Tillerson: (972) 444-1000
  • David M. Weekley: (713) 659-8111
  • Togo D. West, Jr.: (202) 775-1775