WFA-PAC Endorsed Candidate Pat Roggensack Wins Another 10-year term as SCJ

“During her 10-year tenure, Pat Roggensack has distinguished herself as

being fair, impartial, independent, as well as not being a judicial activist.”

-Julaine Appling, WFA President


Wisconsin Family Action congratulates Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice,

and WFA-PAC endorsed candidate,

Patience (Pat) Roggensack on winning another 10-year term.  

WSCJ Pat Roggensack

Early Voting in WI Ends THIS FRIDAY – Election Info HERE!

ONE WEEK until the spring General Election in Wisconsin on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. There are TWO statewide elections: a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court (10-year term) and the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

EARLY VOTING ENDS THIS FRIDAY, 3/29 (close of business)
ABSENTEE BALLOTS available: More info HERE
Locate your local Municipal Clerk’s office HERE


  • Click HERE for Wisconsin Family Council’s 2013 Wisconsin Supreme Court & Supt. of Public Instruction Voter Information Publication. (Educational information only; suitable for printing and distributing in churches.)
  • Click HERE to see your sample ballot or locate your local municipal clerk.
  • Click HERE for basic voter information.
  • Call Wisconsin Family Action – 866-849-2536. We are ready to help you with any election/voting-related questions you may have.

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WFA-PAC Endorses Pat Roggensack for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice

WFA-PAC Director Julaine Appling with endorsement for Patience (Pat) Roggensack for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. Tuesday, April 2, is Wisconsin’s General Election. Vote responsibly!

Statewide Voter Guides For Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice/Supt. DPI!


This year there are 2 statewide races in the Spring Election–a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the Superintendent of Public Instruction. You will have  other races on your ballot for local offices (mayor, city council, village/town board, school board, county board, judges).  Click here to see your sample ballot or call your local municipalityClick here for basic voter information.

**Click here  for Wisconsin Family Council’s 2013 Supreme Court  & Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidate Information Publication. (Educational information only; suitable for printing & distributing in churches.)

TODAY! Election Day in Wisconsin – VOTE YOUR VALUES!

Yes, it’s Election Day–again–in Wisconsin.
Today is the primary for our Spring Nonpartisan Election. Winners in today’s races will advance to the general election on Tuesday, April 2. Please be sure you vote today if you have not already voted.

There is only one race that will be on everyone’s ballot–the race for a ten-year seat on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.  Incumbent Patience (Pat) Roggensack faces two challengers–Ed Fallone and Vince Megna.  Wisconsin Family Action PAC has endorsed Pat Roggensack in the race.  Click here for strictly educational information on the 3 Supreme Court candidates.We will vote for ONE candidate in this race. The top two vote-getters in tomorrow’s election will advance to the April 2 general election.  Wisconsin Family Action PAC urges you to vote for Pat Roggensack for WI Supreme Court.

— (Waukesha area) – Click here for special-election candidates WFA PAC endorsed in the race for Assembly District 98.
— (Appleton School District) – WFA PAC has endorsed John DeVantier in his bid for the the Appleton School Board.  Click here to read John’s responses to questions asked by the Appleton Post-Crescent recently.

What You Need To Know

  • Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. statewide.
  • Click here (choose Regular Voter) to see your sample ballot before you go to the polls. You might find out you have several local races you need to vote on–or maybe even a referendum.

If you have questions, please call us at 866-849-2536.  In an election such as this one with low voter turnout expected (some are saying as low as 10%), your vote counts more than usual.  Make a difference today: vote knowledgeably and responsibly. Vote your values…because your values matter.

Wisconsin Family Action & Wisconsin Family Action PAC

WFA-PAC Endorses PAT ROGGENSACK for WI Supreme Court

Press Release from WFA:

State Pro-Family PAC Endorses Pat Roggensack for WI Supreme Court

Madison, WI – Wisconsin Family Action PAC (WFA PAC) has endorsed Justice Pat Roggensack for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Following is a statement from WFA PAC director, Julaine Appling:
“WFA PAC is pleased to endorse incumbent Justice Pat Roggensack in the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court this spring.

Justice Roggensack is the best candidate for Wisconsin’s high court. She has shown over her first ten-year term that she is fair, deliberative, and respects the distinct roles of Wisconsin’s three branches of government, which means she doesn’t legislate from the bench. In addition, Justice Roggensack’s judicial experience on both the Court of appeals and a term on the Supreme Court separates her from her challengers, Ed Fallone and Vince Megna, neither of which has any judicial experience..

Wisconsin needs a Supreme Court justice who will conduct herself with dignity, impartiality, and respect for the law, and who has significant judicial experience. That describes Pat Roggensack. Wisconsin Family Action urges Wisconsin citizens to vote for Pat Roggensack for Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday, February 19 and Tuesday, April 2.”

The two candidates receiving the most votes in the February 19 primary will move on to the general election on Tuesday, April 2.


Elections: The Privilege & Responsibility of Living in a Republic

Commentary from WFA president Julaine Appling:

Ok.  I know you are likely election weary; however, the privilege of living in a Republic with its representative form of government comes with the responsibility—the duty—of voting for those who represent us.

Periodic elections are a hallmark of a Republic. And a knowledgeable and responsible electorate is an absolute must if this unique form of government is going to work. And you and I as “we the people,” have the opportunity to once again be direct participants in our government by voting in the Spring Nonpartisan Primary Election this next Tuesday, February 19.  So in spite of any election weariness you may have, it’s time to shake it off, get informed, get others informed and motivated, and get to the polls.

ImageOnly one statewide race will be on your ballot next Tuesday—and that is for a seat on our state’s highest court, the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  We have seven justices on our high court, each serving ten-year terms, the longest term of office we have in Wisconsin.  Incumbent Justice Patience (Pat) Roggensack is running for her second ten-year term.  She is being challenged by Ed Fallone and Vince Megna. 

On Tuesday, February 19, we will be asked to vote for one of these three Supreme Court candidates.  The top two vote-getters will move on to the Spring Nonpartisan General Election on Tuesday, April 2.

Wisconsin Family Council has prepared a Candidate Information Publication on these three Supreme Court candidates.  The publication is available online at voteyourvalueswi. or by calling 888-378-7395 for print copies.  This is a strictly educational publication and is suitable for distribution in churches. 

To give you just a little information about these candidates, incumbent Pat Roggensack is the only candidate with judicial experience, having been elected to the Court of Appeals two times.  Vince Megna’s legal experience is as a private-practice attorney, specializing in Lemon Law litigation.  Ed Fallone is an Associate Professor at Marquette University Law School, where he teaches constitutional, corporate and criminal law.  He also practices with a law firm in Milwaukee, specializing in civil litigation.

In the area of why they are running and judicial philosophy, Pat Roggensack says, “I have shown that I understand the differing constitutional roles of Wisconsin’s three branches of government, and that I have fairly and impartially decided each case that has come before me, independent of outside pressures. As a justice, I have ‘called the balls and strikes,’ as the rule of law in each case has required.” 

Ed Fallone says that for “his entire career, [he] has been fighting to ensure all people have equal justice before the law,” while Vince Megna states, “We need to get reacquainted with the practice of ‘justice for all’ in Wisconsin. It’s time to bring common sense and a sense of humanity to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

There is more information on the Candidate Information Publication available at or by calling 888-378-7395.

While the Supreme Court race is the only statewide race on your ballot next Tuesday, you may find other local races on there—such as for school board, city council, mayor, town or village board, circuit court, or county supervisor. 

If you are a registered voter, here are three ways to find out exactly what will be on your ballot on Tuesday, February 19:  1) Call your municipal clerk and ask.  If you can’t find your clerk’s name and number, call us at 888-378-7395.  2) Go to and click on “regular voter” to follow the few, simple steps to see your sample ballot.  And 3) call us here at Wisconsin Family Council and we can look up your sample ballot.  That number is 888-378-7395.

Next Tuesday, you and I can have a direct say in who becomes a justice on our state Supreme Court—a very important decision as this court is deliberating on many cases that deal directly with marriage, family, life and liberty.  Take advantage of the privilege and responsibility you have as part of “we the people” to make sure good people get elected to represent you.  Get informed, get others informed and motivated to join you, and then go cast a knowledgeable and responsible ballot on Tuesday, February 19.