WFA President Julaine Appling “FORWARD” in 2013

A personal video message from WFA President Julaine Appling that discusses the Religious Freedom Amendment,  Spring Elections, and more!

Wisconsin Family Action Exceeds End-of-Year Fundraiser Goal

WE MADE IT! Thanks to you and other friends around WI, we made the $5K MATCH CHALLENGE–and we made our 5-day, year-end challenge of raising $10K! Thank you! We are ready to move strongly into 2013. Lots to do to be ready to strengthen, preserve and promote marriage in WI in the next year!


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From the desk of Wisconsin Family Action PAC (WFA-PAC) Director Julaine Appling:

Pro-Family PAC-Endorsed Candidates Victorious Statewide

Madison—Wisconsin Family Action PAC (WFA PAC) is very pleased that over 75% of its endorsed candidates won last night. WFA PAC director Julaine Appling issued the following statement:

“The 35 WFA-PAC endorsed candidates who won in yesterday’s election received our endorsement because they are people of integrity who share the values of WFA PAC. We congratulate them and looking forward to working with them on policies that strengthen Wisconsin’s and America’s best natural resource—our traditional families.

“WFA PAC stands firmly committed to the truth of the importance of strengthening and preserving marriage, family, life and liberty in our state and our nation. Nothing about last night’s election has changed our resolve. We are heartened that so many good people who share that belief will be serving in our state legislature and returning to the US House of Representatives.”

US House of Representatives** 
F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr., CD 5
State Senate
Luther Olsen, SD 14
Rick Gudex, SD 18
Glenn Grothman, SD 20
Mary Lazich, SD 28
State Assembly
André Jacque, AD 2
Rob Hutton, AD 13
Dale Kooyenga, AD 14
Joe Sanfelippo, AD 15
Mark Honadel, AD 21
Jim Ott, AD 23
Dan Knodl, AD 24
Paul Tittl, AD 25
Michael Endsley, AD 26
Erik Severson, AD 28
Dean Knudson, AD 30
Steve Nass, AD 33
Robert Swearingen, AD 34
Mary Cazja, AD 35
Mark Born, AD 39
Howard Marklein, AD 51
Jeremy Thiesfeldt, AD 52
Michael Schraa, AD 53
David Murphy, AD 56
Dan LeMahieu, AD 59
Duey Strobel, AD 60
Tom Larson, AD 67
Kathleen Bernier, AD 68
Scott Suder, AD 69
Scott Krug, AD 72
David Craig, AD 83
John Spiros, AD 86
Paul Farrow, AD 98
Chris Kapenga, AD 99

WFA PAC endorses and supports candidates who strengthen

and preserve marriage, family, life and liberty in Wisconsin.

Susan B. Anthony List finishes up rally in Wisconsin at Waukesha Location

As Wisconsin Family Action traveled the bus tour through The Badger State with the Susan B. Anthony List’s “Abortion Is Not Healthcare” pro-life champions, they were warmly welcomed with applause, hugs and hand-made signs declaring a solid position for life.  One woman, Laura, held a sign stating “I Regret My Abortion,” whose interview with WFA’s president Julaine Appling can be found HERE.  The overall turnout and strong statement by the Wisconsin folks who came out to meet the Susan B. Anthony List bus tour to stand in agreement with those who spoke along the way lends affirmation to the theme of the event.  Wisconsin treasures and will protect life and will not compromise on this most important issue of today.  President Obama and Tammy Baldwin, indeed, do not represent our values.


WFA president Julaine Appling and Wisconsin State Senator Mary Lazich, who joined us at the Waukesha location to champion life.


A woman weeps for the baby left to die at a hospital after a procedure; the disturbing and heart-wrenching scene was described by nurse Jill Stanek in a moving testimonial.


Pro-life crowd enthusiasticly awaits the arrival of the Susan B. Anthony List bus tour in Waukesha.


“Laura” showed up to declare the truth about abortion – it DOES harm women. See Laura’s interview with WFA’s president Julaine Appling by clicking link above.

Wisconsin Values

This week’s radio commentary…

I don’t know about you, but everywhere I turn lately I keep hearing about Wisconsin values. On the one hand, I hear that collective bargaining, workers’ rights or conservation efforts constitute Wisconsin values. And then I’ll hear that, actually gun rights, low taxes or a good business environment constitute Wisconsin values. So many values! But what are the fundamental values that really make Wisconsin work? Frankly, they’re the values we hold the most dear – family, life and liberty.

Those were the values that surprised the media years ago when they discovered how many people go to the polls because they’re concerned about things such as marriage, unborn babies, religious liberty and strong families.

We understand that those values, those fundamental values, are the foundation on which the house of Wisconsin is built. Without strong families, without the right to life, without religious liberty and all the 1st Amendment rights, without the institution of marriage—our state will crumble.

Don’t let anyone tell you that these recall elections are just about collective bargaining, Scott Walker, the Republican majorities in the state legislature or taxing the rich, the middle class or the poor. Those are all valid issues but they are just surface issues.

On November 2, 2010, we the people of the sovereign state of Wisconsin voted in to power a governor and legislative majorities that promised to pay attention to their constituencies, to put the state’s fiscal house in order, to create a better business environment in Wisconsin, to bring new jobs and to uphold the values that uphold the prosperity and future of Wisconsin.

That’s what we were told, and to date, some of those promises have been fulfilled. However, it’s just the beginning—there is so much more work to do. We need to hold those reelected or newly elected officials accountable, and we need to support and champion their pro-life, pro-family initiatives and ensure those promises are kept.

But here we are facing nine State Senate recall elections that could change the majority of the State Senate and the legislative agenda we voted in on November 2, 2010. And with that change in majority we would be back to basically the same State Senate we voted out of power last November. And where would that put us? If you think it just means we’re back fighting about collective bargaining and tax cuts for businesses, you’re wrong.

I wish I could show you what we see in our office so that I could impress you with the gravity of the situation our state is now facing. Do you realize that organizations such as Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, Fair Wisconsin, the state’s largest pro-homosexual organization, and other groups that are fundamentally anti-life, anti-marriage and anti-Christianity are working hard and spending a great deal of money to unseat pro-life, pro-family State Senators in the recall election?

They are doing this because they are desperate to stop the work of organizations such as Wisconsin Family Council, Pro-Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Right to Life and individuallegislators such as Reps. Andre Jacque (R-Bellevue), Evan Wynn (R-Whitewater) and Sens. Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee), Pamela Galloway (R-Wausau) and Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse) and many others!

They know that the pro-life, pro-family movement in Wisconsin means business and they’re afraid we’re going to get our work done. So they’re milking the recall elections for all they are worth to try to stop us, stop you and stop the legislators you voted into office last November.

That’s why these recall elections affect all of us, even those of us who don’t live in one of the recall districts. For those of you who live in the districts—vote your values! But don’t wait until Election Day to start protecting your values. You can get involved right now. Even if you don’t live in the district, you can still get involved. There’s plenty for everyone to do!

Are you ready to protect your values? Are you ready to protect that vote you cast last November and the legislative initiatives you want to see accomplished in Wisconsin? If so, then go to and click on “Take Action” to find out how you can get involved. Or, you can contact our office at 888-378-7395.

Don’t let all the values talk distract you from what’s really at stake in these recall elections. If you don’t protect your values, who will?

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the Prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

>> listen to/download the MP3 file

Don’t feed the abortion giant

This week’s radio commentary:

In some ways it was an odd setting for the big showdown: a stuffy committee room on the fourth floor of the State Capitol filled with legislators, staffers, media, a few pro-lifers and some pink shirts.  The pink shirts are the trademark of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin supporters, and they were there. We were all waiting for the powerful Joint Finance Committee (JFC) to take up a motion regarding taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and other abortion-providing, family planning organizations.

The will to defund Planned Parenthood has been growing in the country, with the efforts in the US House of Representatives leading the charge. Although we’ve been talking about the provisions in the Governor’s budget to defund the abortion giant here in Wisconsin, we’ve been waiting to see what the JFC would do with the governor’s proposal.

The JFC can vote up or down, or adopt an alternative to the governor’s proposals in the budget. Whatever they approve goes to the Assembly and Senate floors where members can amend the budget before they pass it and before it goes to the governor.  Once it gets to the governor’s desk, Gov. Walker can use his line-item veto power to make limited changes to the legislature-approved budget.

Last week we found out exactly what the JFC would do with Governor Walker’s proposal to remove public funding for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin from the state budget. Republican members of the JFC submitted a motion to reinstate the family planning funding the Governor had slashed from the state budget. Their motion would also approve Walker’s proposal to remove 15-44 year-old boys and men from what used to be known as the Family Planning Medicaid Waiver program and is now called the BadgerCare Family Planning Only program.

However, the Republican motion, while reinstating the funding, would also protect taxpayer money from going to organizations that perform abortions or make referrals for abortions or that have affiliates that do abortions or refer for them. Another provision requires that parents be notified if their minor children seek so-called “family planning services” through what has been known as the “Family Planning Medicaid Waiver” program—money which, by the way, goes to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin as the largest provider. This common sense provision allows parents to protect their child in critical situations, including those which could constitute statutory rape.

These provisions are truly significant. As you can imagine, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and their allies—which included the 4 Democratic legislators on the JFC—were none too happy about the GOP’s motion. Not surprisingly, the Democratic legislators on the JFC were quite outspoken in their support for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s so-called “health care” for women and upset that that the GOP JFC members wanted to pull that public funding.

After much debate and lecturing from the Democratic members on the committee, the JFC passed the motion on a party-line vote, 12-4, taking the first step in defunding the abortion giant in Wisconsin.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, which provides the majority of the abortions in the state, has been the primary recipient of the General Purpose Revenue funds involved with the JFC’s motion. Generally, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin receives close to $1 million each year of these Title V Maternal and Child Health family planning funds, which is just one source of public funds for the giant abortion provider.

A recent review of taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin in a given year, through both state and federal funds, all of which is taxpayer money, shows the organization received over $18 million in 2010.

Last week’s vote in the JFC was a good start to reining in public funding for such abortion-providing, abortion-promoting groups. We look forward to continued efforts to staunch the flow of tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and other organizations that advance a life-taking agenda. Thanks to the twelve Republicans on JFC, we’ve begun the process.

Planned Parenthood’s outspoken opposition and near rants regarding last week’s action in the JFC session highlights the real impetus behind Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, and it’s not providing so-called women’s “health care,” as they said; it’s money, just as we’ve known all along.

This is Julaine Appling for Wisconsin Family Council reminding you the Prophet Hosea said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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Madison Surgery Center Abandons Late-Term Abortion Plan!

Breaking News! We just learned the exciting news that the MSC is dropping the plan to provide late, second-trimester abortions!  Praise the Lord! And good work, pro-lifers!  This is the best news possible.

Here’s our press release…

Madison Surgery Center Abandons Late-Term Abortion Plan!
Months of pro-life pressure pay off

Madison—“The decision to abandon the plan to provide late, second-trimester abortions at the Madison Surgery Center is a testament to the massive effort on the part of the pro-life community in Madison and around the state” said Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action.

Well over a year ago, the pro-life community learned of a plan to provide late, second-trimester abortions at the world-class Madison Surgery Center (MSC), a joint venture of Meriter Hospital, UW Hospital and Clinics and the UW Medical Authority Board.  Wisconsin Family Action joined with several other pro-life organizations in the state, as well as tens of thousands of pro-life leaders and individuals to protest the plan.  This pro-life coalition gathered over 20,000 signatures and delivered them to the Meriter Hospital, calling for the abandonment of the plan.  Last January and this past February, thousands gathered in the bitter cold to protest the plan and pray for the protection of the 125 preborn children the Surgery Center was planning to kill each year.

A letter from the State Department of Justice to an Eau Claire attorney seeking an investigation into the legality of the plan indicated that the Surgery Center had abandoned the plan, and the investigation was unnecessary.

“We applaud the efforts of those who stopped using the MSC, Meriter Hospital and the UW Hospitals and Clinics, who called their insurance companies and asked for a different health care provider, who stood in the hot summer sun, the freezing rain and the bitter cold outside the MSC and prayed for the individuals who worked there, who signed the petition, spread the word, contacted the authors of the plan and stayed the course,” said Appling.  “Your efforts have finally paid off and 125 babies were saved last year, are safe this year and for years to come, from a horrible, painful death thanks to your perseverance.”

Wisconsin Family Action worked to gather signatures, spread the word around the state and coordinate efforts to put pressure on the authors of the plan and the supporting entities through email and phone contacts, the petition and the protests from the time the plan was first discovered.

This plan should never have existed in the first place. The Surgery Center’s commitment to saving life, not ending it, the very likely case that taxpayer funds would have been used to pay the salary of the abortionists (contrary to state law), and the public outrage over the plan should have been enough to stop it a year ago.  But the plan’s authors stubbornly persisted until the pro-life movement exerted enough pressure where it mattered, the bottom line.

“Ultimately, this was about the abortion industry, which is a money-making venture,” said Appling.  “When public outrage and pressure threatened the Surgery Center’s reputation, and the reputation of the supporting entities, the potential damage and fallout from the abortion plan outweighed the potential monetary benefit.  We are so grateful for all the pro-life organizations and individuals we joined forces with, who have collectively put an end to this plan.”


Wisconsin Family Action is a statewide, not-for-profit organization actively strengthening and preserving marriage, family, life and liberty in Wisconsin.